July 1
Board of Higher Education meets at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

July 4
Independence Day

July 8
Special election in Chicago to fill 5th Congressional District seat of the late Rep. John Kluczynski

July 18
Illinois Community College Board meets at Sangamon State University, Springfield Dangerous Drugs Commission meets in Chicago

July 31
Board of Governors of State Colleges and Universities meets at Chicago State University, Chicago

Standing meetings
Second Thursday of the month Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees

Second and fourth Thursdays
State Board of Education

Second Friday of the month
Governor's Advisory Council on Manpower meets at Bismarck Hotel, Chicago

"This points up the lamentable fact that there are no adequate standards regarding reapportiunment practices among the states. We need to name commissions that could with greater objectivity than we find in politically motivated state legislatures reapportion districts with greater attention to population and other factors than partisan registration."

U.S. Rep. John B. Andersen (R., Rockford, Ill.), commenting on Senate Bill 1250, the Democratic congressional district reapportionnient measure.

"There's been a lot of talk about law and order in the General Assembly, but if we ever moved toward the type of law and order they have over there, we'd be cutting down on our freedom. It really makes you realize how great it is to have freedom here in America."
Rep. Alan Greiman (D., Skokie) after a trip to Russia,

"We Chicagoans are a hardy people. We like to sit outside in October and November and inhale that pure air."

Mayor Richard J. Daley, denying the need for a closed stadium for football in Chicago.

"In our state government there are more than 40 separate activities that directly or indirectly affect the lives of the elderly, and they are still scattered throughout more than a dozen code departments and agencies. This may seem like a massive show of concern, but to the individual senior it can and too often does mean a massive dose of confusion and endless miles of bureaucratic red tape."
Lt. Gov. Neil Hartigan.
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