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future Issues:

The 1970 Constitution after
5 years/Special Report
Branch banking/Bryan
The 'Crazy 8'/Heinecke
Selling to the state/Blanco

November 4
Election of county commissioner in 17
nontownship counties
Board of Higher Education meets at the
University of Illinois, Urbana

November 6-8
Illinois State Bar Association's Mid-
year meeting. Assembly meeting and
section and committee workshop at the
Pick Congress Hotel, Chicago

November 9
Illinois State Bar Association's special
Midyear Charter meeting, London, England

November 10
Illinois Supreme Court commences
November term

November 11
Illinois observance of Veterans' Day

November 13
Illinois State Board of Education, meets in Springfield

November 19-20
Board of Governors of State Colleges
and Universities meets at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

November 20
Board of Regents meets at NorthernIllinois University, DeKalb

November 21
Illinois Community College Boardmeets at Holiday Inn East, Springfield

November 25
Illinois State Board of Education meetsin Chicago

November 27
Thanksgiving Day

Standing meetings
Second Thursday of the month
Southern Illinois University Board of
Trustees meets in Carbondale

Second Friday of the month
Governor's Advisory Council on Man-
power meets at Bismarck Hotel, Chicago

Third Wednesday of the month
University of Illinois Board of Trustees meets in Urbana

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