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The Toro Company has introduced the first all-hydraulic triplex reel mower, the Turf Pro 84, for use on golf courses, parks, sports fields, cemeteries and other formal turf areas.

The Turf Pro's hydraulic system powers the three seven-blade reels, all three drive wheels and the lift mechanism for the cutting units. Each of the reels and each of the wheels has its own hydraulic motor, eliminating the drive chains and belts that need constant adjustment, repair or replacement.

Low maintenance is only one of the three prime characteristics that Toro engineers have built into the new mower. The all-hydraulic triplex cuts an 84-inch swath and mows up to 3.8 acres an hour. The reels have independent suspension to permit them to follow the contour of the ground, and reel speed adjusts independently of ground speed so that the operator can select the correct clip for all types of grasses.

A reversing mechanism permits backlapping directly on the machine, so that reel sharpness is easy to maintain. The reversing reels also allow the operator to remove debris or accumulated cuttings without leaving the driver's seat.

A unique bumper system protects the reels against damage by transmitting accidental impact directly to the frame, by-passing the reels. Toro is applying for a patent for the system which not only reduces but may even eliminate the need for reel adjustment following accidental impact.

The Turf Pro 84 will be available with either a 16 hp (Briggs & Stratton) or a 23 hp (Kohler) industrial-type engine. For more information contact: Toro Distributing, 731 District Drive, Itasca, Illinois 60143.



A newly designed and expanded line of wood playground equipment will be available from Miracle this fall. All modular units will feature 6" x 6" heart free redwood and will be designed with completely interchangeable subassemblies. This will enable total flexibility and allow the buyer to "Design it his way," creating play complexes to fit his own needs and budget.

Of course, the unparalleled Mark IV Series of playground centerpieces will again be conspicuously present in the Miracle line, with some slight color modifications and some added equipment optionals. Both the wood and steel series will be available, a total of 14 different variations.

Also, the use of Rock-ite plastic, which was introduced by the company last year, will be expanded into more of its existing products for 1978. Completely indestructible and capable of satisfactorily withstanding years of outdoor use, Rock-ite is quickly proving to be an invaluable addition to the recreation market.

More new products are featured in Miracle's Catalog for 1978, which will be distributed at the National Recreation and Park Conference in Las Vegas. For more information contact Paul Buckley, P.O. Box 2803, West Union. Iowa 52175.



The new Board Brush is now available for adaption to all Zamboni Model HDB Ice Resurfacers. This assembly is designed to brush away accumulated snow at base of the dasher boards. The use of the brush at every resurfacing helps to cut down the need for everyday edging, but more importantly, it makes the ice sheet more inviting after every resurfacing by reducing the dish effect at the boards.

The kit is designed as a "bolt-on" package and includes all hardware and hoses necessary to attach the device to the HDB frame and tie into the existing hydraulic system. The Board Brush Kit comes complete with assembly and operating instructions and can be mounted on the HDB in two to three hours.

To use the brush the operator simply pulls a valve handle which extends the brush and turns on the brush motor simultaneously so that the boards may be brushed clean during the initial pass of the resurfacing pattern. Moving the valve handle in the opposite direction retracts the brush mounting arm and turns off the brush motor, without interfering with the conveying operation or the other resurfacing processes. The brush assembly is nestled neatly along side the engine compartment door and will not interfere with the normal driving to and from the ice surface. A non-marking plastic roller and a shock absorber system protects the brush assembly and dasher boards during the brushing process.

"Recreation's purpose is not to kill time, but rather to make time live; not to help the individual serve time but to make time serve him; not to encourage people to hide themselves, but to help them find themselves." -Ott Romney

Illinois Parks and Recreation 10 September/October, 1977


Playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, bike paths and any other recreation surface can now be brought to life in vivid colors with a durable surface coating. And it can easily be applied by your own maintenance crew.

Parks and school systems across the country have turned to EASY STEPS™ color coating developed by Allied Chemical Corporation, for ways to convert drab asphalt surfaces into worlds of color. These polymer coatings, available in vibrant colors, are specifically designed for ease of application by inexperienced maintenance personnel. This do-it-yourself approach makes substantial reductions in costs to fit almost any budget.

Psychologists agree that color creates an emotional excitement that stimulates physical activity, bolsters spirits and encourages group participation. Reports from users have verified that the application of EASY STEPS™ has substantially increased usage of recreation facilities.

Hopscotch animal designs, bean bag toss games, and teaching aids such as maps and number and letter games have been inexpensively added to school and recreation programs. In fact, uses for EASY STEPS™ seem to be limited only by the imagination.

EASY STEPS™ not only beautifies but also protects asphalt against the deteriorating effects of sunlight and oxidation. And EASY STEPS™ is economical; a red-white and blue American basketball court can be colored for as little as $400.

For further information on EASY STEPS™, contact: Howard L. White & Associates, Inc., 1670 S. River Road, Des Plaines, Illinois 60018, Phone 312/296-8820.



Gold Medal Products Company, wold's largest manufacturer of Cotton Candy Machines announces the initial shipment of the new Antique Gay 90's Candy Floss Cart.

This Cart complements the two wheeled and four wheeled Gay 90's Popcorn Wagon, introduced last year. It can be equipped with any of the reliable Gold Medal Candy Floss Machines. Plugs into any 20 Amp, 110 Volt outlet.

Will produce over 250 one-ounce (25c) servings per hour, at a cost of 5c per serving. Generates over $50.00 per hour gross profit.

The Gay 90's Cotton Candy Cart attracts attention, generates Sales-Ideal for Supplemental Snack Service at Amusement / Recreation / Leisure Time Facilities—Perfect for promotion uses in Mass Retail locations and malls.

Unit measures 44" long, including handle and wheels by 33" wide, and 70" high. Shipping weight 220 pounds. The cabinet is constructed of welded aluminum extrusions with a brass-type finish. The base unit is finished in Antique Red and accented by Gold, Black and White Antique Graphics. The entire base unit has a special clear plastic finish to give permanency to the design. Antique Popcorn carts are also available.

For more information contact: Gold Medal, 4004 Tugwell Dr., .Franklin Park, IL. 60131.

"The universe is meaningless only as long as you have nothing you mean to do in it." -William Cozart



To avoid confusing, frustrating, and exhausting experiences at a conference convention, careful planning is recommended. The following are a few HELPFUL HINTS for our members on how to make a conference more rewarding.

2) MAKE SURE TO PRE-REGISTER. Avoid standing in long lines, thus saving time and energy.
3) DRAW UP A SET OF OBJECTIVES. Determine what you want to get out of the convention. Make a list of current problems and needs which can be checked against the convention program as well as the firms exhibiting.
4) DEVELOP A LIST OF "MUSTS." Decide what exhibits and convention features you don't want to miss. Sketch out a rough schedule.
5) QUICKLY SURVEY THE ENTIRE EXPOSITION. Make notes on exhibits you wish to revisit and pick up literature that is readily available.
6) FOLLOW UP ON ITEMS THAT INTEREST YOU. Make a list of questions you want to ask or demonstrations you want to see. Leave your business card or register at booths to get your name on follow-up mailing lists.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 11 September/October, 1977

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