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Published by Sangamon State University/ cosponsored by the University of Illinois

Illinois Issues is published by Sangamon State University, the Public Affairs University of the State of Illinois, and cosponsored by the University of Illinois. In addition to university support and subscription income, the magazine is supported by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Woods Charitable Fund Inc., and by donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of the grantors, either the university or donors.

Publisher: J. Michael Lennon. Editor: Caroline Gherardini. Circulation and business manager: Elizabeth A. Curl. Advertising and development officer: David Wayman. Associate editors: Margaret S. Knoepfle, Richard J. Shereikis (book reviews/humanities), Patricia Burtle-McCredie. F. Mark Siebert. Interim Statehouse bureau chief: Michael D. Klemens. Editor emeritus: William L. Day. Contributing editors: Tom Littlewood, Ed McManus, Anna J. Merritt, Charles J. Abbott, Charles N. Wheeler III, Paul M. Green. Student editorial assistants: Chris Gaudet, Debi Edmond. Business staff: Sandra H. Grooms. Student business staff: Diana Liddle, Chrystal Foster, Gloria Sampson.

© 1987 by Illinois Issues, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9243. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

THE BOARD: Chair: Michael H. Hudson, vice president, public affairs, Illinois Tool Works Inc., Chicago. Vice chair: Louis H. Masotti. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston. Members: Marcus Alexis, dean. College of Business Administration, University of Illinois, Chicago. Louis Ancel, attorney, Chicago. Michael J. Bakalis, dean. School of Education, Loyola University, Chicago. James M. Banovetz, professor of public administration. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb. Norman Carlson. Arthur Andersen & Co., Chicago. Christopher Cohen, attorney, Chicago. David E. Connor, president, David E. Connor and Associates, Peoria. Gayle J. Cozens, executive assistant to the governor, Chicago. William L. Day, editor emeritus, Springfield. James L. Fletcher, attorney. Chicago. James M. Furman, vice president. The MacArthur Foundation, Chicago. Robert T. Gannett Jr., codirector, Chicago Neighborhood Organizing Project. Samuel K. Gove, professor, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Urbana. William C. Harris, Illinois commissioner of banks and trust companies, Springfield. Doris B. Holleb, professorial lecturer. University of Chicago. David Kenney, professor of political science emeritus, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Odas Nicholson, judge, Cook County Circuit Court. Philip R. O'Connor, chairman and president. Palmer Bcllevue Corporation, Chicago. James T. Otis, attorney, Peoria. Taylor Pensoneau, vice president, Illinois Coal Association, Springfield. Theodore Peterson, professor of journalism, University of Illinois, Urbana. Betsy A. Plank, assistant vice president, Illinois Bell Telephone Co., Chicago. Raymond G. Romero, commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission, Chicago. Carl Shier, international representative, Region 4, United Auto Workers, retired. Hon. William G. Stratton, vice president, Chicago Bank of Commerce. Samuel W. Witwer, attorney, Chicago. James C. Worthy, professor of management, Northwestern University. J. Michael Lennon, ex officio member.

Illinois Issues (ISSN 0738-9663) is published monthly 11 times per year with an August-September double issue. Second-class postage paid at Springfield, Illinois. Editorial and advertising offices: K Building, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9243 (telephone: 217/786-6084). Please address questions regarding your subscription to Illinois Issues, Subscription Division, P.O. Box 251, Mount Morris, Illinois 61054 (telephone: 815/734-6309). Subscriptions: $30.00 year/ $55 two years/ $80 three years; student rate is $15 a year. Individual copy is $2.75 (August/September double issue is $4.95). Back issue is $3.25 (August/September double issue is $5.50). Illinois Issues is indexed in the PAIS Bulletin and included in the PAIS database.

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Contents February 1987

Illinois Issues
Vol. XIII No. 2
Established 1975

10     Rosty: the baron from Chicago
Charles J. Abbott

13     Hard-disk politics finally arrives in Illinois
Tom Littlewood

16     New key to statewide victory: united Chicago for Dems, splintered Chicago for GOP
Paul M. Green

21     Rural Illinois: in trouble with a capital T
Michael D. Klemens


4     Politics
      Governor's vision for Illinois children: worth a tax increase?     Charles N. Wheeler III

6     The state of the State
      Holy Cow! Another Thompson inaugural     Michael D. Klemens

36     Chicago
      The second most important question: What kind of council will get elected     Ed McManus

38     The Pulse
      Threshold for winning the mayor's race     Nick Panagakis


8     Letters

26     Legislative Action
      School aid reform: now or never     Michael D. Klemens

28     State Stix

30     Judicial Rulings

32     Names

34     Book Reviews
      In the larder with the lunkers     William J. Furry

35     State Reports

40     Election Almanac
      Bluegill wins     Deborah L. Gertz

3/February 1987/Illinois Issues

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