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Certification: The challenge of professionalism

More than 600 leisure professionals in Illinois are certified.

By John Beaman,
Chair, Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Board

The Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Plan was approved by the IPRA membership in 1982. Participation in the Plan is strictly voluntary.

To date, 624 leisure professionals in Illinois have received their certification. This means that approximately one out of every three IPRA members is currently certified. Although this level of participation is laudable, one has to wonder why more leisure professionals employed in Illinois have not become certified.

Defining certification

What actually is certification? Certification is basically a process in which individuals are examined to determine whether they meet or exceed certain prescribed standards. Certification of leisure professionals was developed by concerned leisure professionals who wished to improve the quality of personnel employed in the leisure services sector.

One of the strengths of the Certification Plan is that certification was developed and approved by leisure professionals. It was not forced on the profession by either employers or consumers.

Major components

The Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Plan has two main components. First, applicants must meet or exceed the prescribed education and professional experience qualifications to initially become certified. This gives employers an assurance that a new or existing employee meets or exceeds the requirements identified by leisure professionals as critical to performance in the leisure services sector.

The second major component of the Certification Plan is the requirement that certified professionals attain a prescribed number of hours of approved continuing education to maintain their certification. The developers of the Plan recognized that a professional's education does not end upon graduation from college. A continuing program of education is critical to updating current skills and acquiring new ones.

Under the Plan, certified professionals must attain two CEUs (Continuing Education Units) of continuing education every two years to maintain their certification. A CEU is the nationally recognized, standardized form of credit for continuing education used by most other professions. A CEU is defined as "10 contact hours of participation in an organized, continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction."

The continuing education requirement is the same for all certified professionals. This recognizes the importance to both the veteran of 20 years, as well as the new professional, of continually educating themselves to keep abreast of the many changes that affect society.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 14 September/October 1987

CEU opportunities

Some critics of certification have suggested that they are professional and would pursue continuing education with or without certification. This may be true, but in the first two years of the plan approximately 20 percent of the certified practitioners failed to recertify.

The vast majority did not recertify because they failed to acquire the necessary CEUs. Most gave lack of time or opportunity as the reason for failing to attain their two CEUs.

Others who did recertify have stated that if it was not for the continuing education requirement in certification, they probably would not have attended as many continuing education opportunities as they did during the two-year period.

Ample opportunities for satisfying the continuing education requirement are available in Illinois. Those who use this as an excuse are avoiding the real reason they failed to attain their CEUs. If we are truly professional, we will seek out these opportunities and make the time to continue our professional development.

Answering the critics

Certification has been accepted by most professionals, but it does have some opponents. One of their major complaints is that certification does not guarantee successful job performance. This is indeed true, but certification has never been promoted as a guarantee of job performance. Certification, like educational diplomas and certificates, only guarantees that individuals have met the standards identified as increasing the likelihood of successful job performance.

Another concern about certification is that the requirements are too narrow, thereby possibly excluding some very talented individuals. There may have been some truth to this complaint, and the Plan was revised in 1986 to address this potential problem. An expanded set of options for qualifying for initial certification was developed. The revised requirements are available from the IPRA office.

Certification is a chance for us to publicly tell our employers, consumers and fellow professionals that we are concerned about the quality of leisure services in Illinois. The initial certification requirements help to insure that qualified individuals enter the leisure profession, while continuing education is critical to our continued growth, both personally and professionally. By becoming certified, we affirm this belief in quality and pledge to continue our growth as professionals.

The Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Board (IPRCB), which administers the Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Plan, challenges you to become certified and join your certified peers in making a statement about the importance of professionalism and quality in leisure services.

The following is a list of the professionals currently certified through the Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Board and included on the national roster of certified professionals. We congratulate all those on the list.

The IPRCB hopes that next year we will be able to proudly announce that 50 percent or more of IPRA's members have taken the challenge of professionalism and have become certified. Additional information about the Illinois Park and Recreation Certification Plan can be obtained by calling the IPRA office at (312) 991-2820.

Certified Professionals

James L. Berousek

Robin J. Caravello

Peggy Ann Curtis

Alien Francis Ackennann

Thomas Joseph Blackburn

Pamela J. Carey

James T. DaRosa

Rod Aiken

Ronald W. Blemler

Debbie Carlson

Frank DeAtley

James C. Albritton

Richard M. Blust

Jan Carlson

Dennis J. DeLance

William T. Alden

Dennis Bokemeier

Jayne K. Carstens

Ronald J. Deboer

Barbara Altwies

Nancie J. Boland

Kim Cashmore

Scott R. Dell

Gerard I. Armstrong

Rick Bold

Grant A. Casleton

Debra D. Demarco

Phyllis Amtzen

Gregory B. Bott

Alien Cassady

Cheryl Loudon Deom

Wayne A. Aronson

Jeff Boubelik

Kathleen Cassens

Vito W. DiCanio

Cory Atwell

Cheri A. Bourbon

Vincent Castellanoz

Dorothea DiGuido

Mark E. Badasch

Evelynne H. Bowman

Cheryl Ann Cater

Ronald E. Diehl

Jerome Baer

D. James Brademas

Amy L. Charlesworth

Diane Dillow

Gary Baker

William A. Brauer

Andy Clark

Gayle Dixon

Chuck Balling

James O. Breen

Virginia M. Clark

Janet M. Dolan

Joseph J. Bannon

Michael E. Brezinski

Terry Clarke

Judith Dolan Mendelson

Jill Bartholomew

Mary Brosious

Edward C. Clift

Dick Dooley

Ginny Bateman

Daniel D. Brown

Joseph N. Cogley

Joe H. Doud

Reid Bateman

Jana K. Brown Kulikowski

J. Christopher Comstock

John W. Downs

John H. Beaman

George H. Bryant, Jr.

Douglas G. Congdon

Peter C. Drogos

Ned F. Bell

Ewen Bryden

Thomas E. Connolly

Denise Drucker Blinick

Larry Belknap

Gayle D. Burke

Karen Correll

Ron Dumke

Debra Bemm

Mary E. Burkee

Gene Cromwell

Rick Bemm

Gerard J. Byrne

Kathleen Cunningham

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Danette M. Benignetti

Cynthia N. Capek

Phil Bennett

Angelo J. Capulli

Illinois Parks and Recreation 15 September/October 1987


Alex J. Marx

Larry Reiner

Gerard P. McCord

Randy Reopelle

Diane McCray

Greg Repede

Michael McElligott

Dr. Donald Rezab

Robert Dunsmuir

Jane Hodgkinson

Liza McElroy

Keith Rich

Patricia F. Eagleton

Nancy Hohs

Dr. William R. McKinney

Thomas J. Richardson

Glen A. Ekey

Sarah P. Holcombe

Mark M. McKinnon

Richard Riecks

Matthew L. Ellmann

Mary Jayne Holley

Marypat McNicholas

Walter C. Righton

Edward Emerick

Gary Hopfinger

Jeffrey D. McClard

Don R. Ritter

Robert Ems

Heather J. Hoppe-Theiszmann

Leslie S. Merema

Rick Robbins

James B. Ensign

Cheryl N. Horvath

Vince Merenda

Alexander L. Roberts

Robert D. Espeseth

Joan S. Horvath-Kruger

Pete Merkel

James Rock

Michael P. Evans

Charles Hoscheit

Jan D. Mersmann

Robert W. Roiek

Susie K. Field

Duane S. Hosimer

Greg Meyer

Patricia Roth

George C. Fink

Jeanne Hosier

Steven Meyer

Mary Ann Rowe

Gary T. Foiles

John Hovde

Sue A. Micklevitz

Thomas E. Rowe

Thomas F. Foley

Craig D. Hubert

James W. Miller

Betty Russell

Bruno Fontana

Suzette Huckstadt

Jennifer Nolan Miller

Michael Ryiko

J. Karl Foss

Nancy Hudson

Nancy J, Miner

Gregory G. Sagen

Keith Frankland

William E. Hughes

Lynn H. Minuskin

Gene D. Sanks

Dan W. Frase

Daniel L. Hypke

Joseph D. Modrich

Sevan Sarkisian

Laurie L. Freeman

Frederick E. Jackson

David W. Mogle

Randall L. Schawel

Susan Friend

Caroline Margaret Jacobsen

Patrick B. Morley

Preston W. Schellbach

Therese M. Fritzmann

R. Jarecki

Ray Morrill

Kathleen C. Scheltens

Michael A. Fugiel

Richard E. Johns

Patrick L. Moser

Gary Schiefer

Steve Furlong

Mary Ann Johnson

Janet K. Mountcastle

Dan Schimmel

Carolyn S. Garofalo

Patty Johnson

Kathy Mulligan

Jean Schlinkmann

Deborah A. Garrett

Tanya Johnson

John C. Muno

Tim Schmidt

Ronald N. Gbur

Annie Lee Jones

Linda Brougham Naatz

James R. Schneckenburger

William C. Geihsler

Judy A. Julison

Tom Naatz

Kay J. Schneegas

Evelyn Getty

Peg Kallio

Deborah D. Nelson

Mark Schneiderman

Jack M. Giambrone

Thomas M. Kalousek

Rudy Nelson

Stephen C. Scholten

Daniel C. Gibble

Karen D. Kamradt

John Nemerovski

Jeffrey Schryver

Arthur A. Gill

Donald W. Kappel

William C. Neumann

Joe Schultz

Wendy L, Gismondi

Steven Karoliussen

Dan Newport

Terry G. Schwartz

Michael J. Glabinski

Ginny Keefe-Wiemerslage

Dave Novak

Patricia M. Sergeant

Laura Lynn Glazier

Kathleen E. Kelley

Carol O'Brien

James R. Sharp

Lori Glazik

Caroline E. Kelling

Robert J. O'Brien, Jr.

Cathy Shekleton

Cheryl Ann Gordon

Kevin T. Kendrigan

Cynthia O'Connor

Jennifer B. Shoellhom

Darlan Gordon

Roger Key

Joseph M. O'Malley

Jeanine Shotas

William M. Grady

Karen A. Kiester

Gerald M. Oakes

Mitchell Shulich

Michael Grandy

Patricia Klawitter

Ray Ochromowicz

Thomas J. Shuster

Robert K. Gray

Gary Koren

Robert Orsi

Charles J. Siegler

Ronald Greenberg

Robert Kotula

Daniel Otto

Debra L. Siler

Daniel J. Griffin

Kimberly Kovac

James A. Pacanowski

Gary Silkgitis

Steve Grimes

Jerry Krewer

Lynn Parfitt

Billy Sim Sisler

Richard Grodsky

Thomas Kruse

Margaret Partak

Connie Skibbe

Teresa Grodsky

Ronald Kubicki

Jerry E. Pask

Carole A. Sluis

James R. Grove

Colette Kubiesa

Steve Patterson

Pam Smalarz

James H. Gruenwald

Michael Kudia

Chuck Paxton

Brian T. Smith

Linda L. Gryziecki

Daria Kay Kuhs

Arlene G. Perry

Kermit J. Smith

Ronald J. Gunter

Greg Kuhs

Stephen D. Persinger

Robin Coe Soderquist

Denise Haack

Robert Kunkel

Janice P. Peterson

Donna Soltanek

Thomas E. Hacker

Betsy Kutska

Greg Petry

Sue Sp angler

Fred P. Hall

Ken Kutska

Jack F. Philbrick

Michael S. Spencer

Leane Hall

Sharon T. Labak

David F. Phillips

Robert Spencer

Robin Hall

Robert Lashbrook

Lawrence Piekarz

Diane Stanke

R. C. Hallberg

Jack Lepper

Fred Ploegman, Jr.

Dennis R. Stein

Jerry Handlon

Jan Lewis

Steven S. Plumb

Theodore R. Steiskal, Jr.

Vicki Milligan Hardey

Janice M. Linduska

Steve Pohlman

Michael Sterba

Steve Hartman

Thomas J. Lippert

Theresa Tolle Pohlman

Linda Mulkerin Strass

Carl P. Hartmann

Joann Lodine

Mick Pope

Sharon Strzelczyk

Edward Harvey

Janet Lonergan

Robert A. Porter

Kristin Ann Stuffelbeam

Alvin Hattendorf

Ken Losinski

Terrence Porter

William H. Sturgis

Patricia Hayes

Thomas G. Lovern

Joyce L. Pottinger

Paul V. Swanson

Jerry Hayner

Michael S. Lucchesi

Todd D. Pratt

Charles J. Szoke

Kerry Patrick Hays

Teena Mackey

Cathy Puchalski

Thomas Tayler

John L. Hedges

Joyce Magsamen

Bob Pushee

Frederick C. Thompson

Paul E. Heinkel

Tony Malcak

Richard Pyle

Robert F. Toalson

Patricia M. Hensley

Thomas A. Mammoser

Robert D. Quill

William S. Tookey

Bobbie Herakovich

Janet Manson

Sue Quill

Terry Tumquist

Sheri Herring

David Markworth

Randy Ralston

Lois B. Tyznik

Ann C. Hildreth

Danielle Marsico

Deborah Randazzo

Carol Unzicker

Susan Hill

Mike Martino

Reesa M. Rayford

Donald P. VanArsdale

Illinois Parks and Recreation 16 September/October 1987

Mary E. VanArsdale

John M. Vann

Robert Vaughan

Marilee Verdu

Ralph J. Voipe

Ralph D. Voris

Gary M. Watson

Linda Watts

David Edward Weiss

Marvin S. Weiss

Mark L. Weller

Charles E. Westphal

Laurajean B. Whalen

Larry R. Wheeler

Thomas C. White

George Whitehead

Sandra Whitmore

Ann Wilkins

Kerry Willey

Keith D. Williams

Raymond G. Williams

John W. Wilson

Linda Wiltberger

Donald J. Wirth

Jim Wiseman

Marvin Wolf

Max L. Woods

Patricia Yeager

Sandra Young Bahlenhorst

Raul Zaidivar

Richard J. Zarr

James M. Zawlocki

Edward A. Zeienka

Roger L. Zimmerman

Jo An M. Zimmermann

Ann S. Zito

Anthony J. Zito

Judith Zopp

Certified Provisional Professionals

Bruce E. Baum

Patti Jo Boehm

Laura J. Brown

Eric Lee Christensen

David E. Cooley

Kathryn P. Danielson

Diane E. Eustis

Jayne R. Glade

David W. Haring

Robert T. Holcombe

Joni A. Jordt

Heather Ann Krupke

Dawn E. Lemme

Mary J. Loos

Shari McCarty

Inez S. McGachey

Maureen McNicholas

Robert M. O'Shaughnessy

Randwick L. Osbom

Linda Pietrini

Freddy A. Porps

Joan M. Prazuch

Christine M. Purpura

Nancy Jo Radtke

Eugene A. Rathje

Denise R. Riederer

Cynthia Ruff

Mary Kaufman Sagen

Laura Seri

Karen Shannon

Cindy A. Snyder

Certified Technicians

Mary Jo Bailey

Mary E. Beaver

Beverly Jean Carlson

Denis Craig Chapan

Tracy Dalton

Mary Beth Flagg

Diane D. Grais

Bob Green

Marie H. Inzcauskis

Pat Jacobs

Ronald Jenkins

Elizabeth Kasper

Margaret O. Kinkade

Peggy Krauch

Phyllis M. Kunke

Charlotte McGregory

Jan Monroe

Sharon O'Connell

Barbara O'Rahilly

Virginia M. Pizzotti

Kirk Reimer

Margaret M. Schak

Debra J. Scinto

Donna Jean Strum

John Henry Thiele, Jr.

Kathleen M. Trenhaile

James R. Walker

Ed Wille

Vivienne C. Williams

Danelle Wonderlick

Certified Professionals With Therapeutic Specialty

Barbara Alldridge

Susan K. Balling

Charlene Kay Basham

Mary Berman

Myma Haimowitz Besley

Marianne Birko

Fred Boch

Louis Carpino

Lynne Cimino

Esther Jean Davis

Vera Hesse

Ruth Ann Iwanski

Shelley A. Johnson

Martha T. Judge

Julia A. Karnstedt

Bonnie Brouwer Laudick

Mar Leblanc

Donna McCauley

Twyla M. Misselhom

Carolyn Mallaney Nagle

Dr. Carol Ann Peterson

Robert B. Pindar

William J. Popelar

Mari Patricia Schafer

Shelley S. Schultz

Deborah A. Shanahan

Dr. Barbara Sirvis

Shelley Thurston

Marilyn F. Vogus

People, Places and Things


Gloria McCleary, president of the Geneva Park District, died on August 3. She was 62.

Ms. McCleary served on the district's board of commissioners for 10 years, serving as president the last four years.

She was employed by A.L. Alien and Sons, Century 21 Real Estate, in Geneva. Her civic participation included the Congregational Church of Geneva, the Geneva Garden Club, the League of Women Voters, the Women's Auxiliary of Community Hospital and the Playmakers. The Geneva Chamber of Commerce honored her earlier this year with its William Wood Community Service Award.


The IPRA Health and Fitness Committee will host a Concepts in Fitness Workshop on Saturday, October 3, at the American Institute of Sport Movement in Naperville.

The morning workshop sessions will be geared toward administrators and supervisors, focusing on marketing fitness facilities and programs, as well as methods to hire competent fitness program staff.

Fitness instructors will benefit the most from the afternoon workshop program concentrating on tension band exercises, fitness routines tailored to music and a panel discussion on proper exercise techniques.

For more information contact the IPRA office at (312) 991-2820.

This year's Illinois Senior Olympic Games will open on September 24 in Springfield, with competition scheduled for September 25-27.

Athletes, age 55 and older, will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in 45 different events. These include track and field, a walk race, bike races, a 10K run, tennis, golf, bowling, horseshoes, shuffleboard, casting, table tennis, archery, trapshoot and swimming.

In addition, three new swimming events, along with air rifle and air pistol competition, have been added to this year's Olympic Games.

Additional information is available from Annette Fuchs at the Springfield Recreation Department, 1415 N. Grand Ave. East, Springfield, IL 62702. Phone (217) 789-2284.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 17 September/October 1987

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