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State Reports

Items listed under State Reports have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through interlibrary loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available.

State Reports

Earthquakes in Illinois, Earthquakes in the Illinois Area, and Family Earthquake Safety Home Hazard Hunt and Drill, Illinois Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (IESDA), 110 East Adams, Springfield 62706.

All three of these pamphlets provide useful information for citizens concerned about the possibility of an earthquake occurring in this state and for those interested in teaching others about why it is important to think about earthquakes in Illinois.

Governor's Earthquake Preparedness Task Force Report (full report or executive summary), IESDA, 110 E. Adams, Springfield 62706.

In the aftermath of the California earthquake of October 1989, Gov. James R. Thompson appointed a task force to assess the state's preparedness given the possibility of an earthquake originating in the New Madrid or Wabash Valley faults. The task force concluded that a significant earthquake may occur within the decade and that without changes in existing structures and human behavior there would be massive damage and a high death toll. Numerous recommendations are made for both state and local officials.

Governance of Higher Education in Illinois, Illinois Commission on Intergovernmental Cooperation, 707 Stratton Bldg., Springfield 62706 (February 1990), 89 pp.

The bulk of this report, a response to an Illinois Senate resolution, contains a summary of testimony along with statements from panel members following a series of hearings held across the state. Due to the complexity of the issue, the observations provided are called "preliminary," and the entire report is labeled "an interim report." The commission has asked for additional time to complete its assignment.

A Business Plan Outline, Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, 620 E. Adams, Springfield 62701 (June 1989), 13 pp.

A business plan serves two functions: 1) It is a basic management tool, and 2) it is a mandatory document for those seeking financing. This publication offers suggestions on how to develop such a plan. Areas covered are plan summary, company and industry, product or service, market analysis, marketing strategy, operations, management and organization, schedule of activities, critical risks and problems, and financial information.

Anna J. Merritt

36/June 1990/Illinois Issues

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