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State Reports

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Other Reports

Illinois State Spending: The Thompson Years, 1978-88, Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois, 201 E. Adams, Suite 350, Springfield 62701 (n.d.), 108 pp.; $25.

This report contains three principal findings: Reducing the aggregate tax burden on Illinois citizens during James R. Thompson's years as governor has had a significant impact on the level of state spending; spending for public aid and education defines the state's general funds budget because spending for these purposes comprises nearly 70 percent of the state's general funds spending; state spending is often directed toward demands that can be satisfied (such as the needs of the correctional system or services for children or the aged) rather than toward similar demands that cannot (such as spending for transportation, pensions or capital purposes). These findings are based on a review of state government in general, profiles of 20 specific state agencies, and a look at capital outlays, pensions and appropriations by agency.

The Chicago City Council Report, Citizens Information Service of Illinois, 332 S. Michigan, Suite 1142, Chicago 60604-4305; $20/year.

This new quarterly publication is designed to provide individuals and organizations with unbiased and nonpartisan information to help them become more effective proponents for their causes. It will include aldermanic voting records on major issues, budget analyses, committee listings and lobbying tips. Citizens Information Service is a 37-year-old nonpartisan civic organization.

Fiscal Summary of Illinois County Government, 1987, by Harrison S. Campbell Jr., Community Information and Education Service (CIES), University of Illinois, Suite 202, 302 E. John, Champaign 61820 (1990), 98pp.; $19.95

As part of a larger research agenda devoted to local government capacity building, the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, the Department of Agricultural Economics, and the Office of Continuing Education and Public Service at the University of Illinois recently developed a computer-based information system called Comparative Fiscal Analysis for Counties (CFAC). It provides decisionmakers and other county officials with a consistent and reliable source of information that may be incorporated into the early stages of budgeting and policy formation. The present volume is a companion piece to CFAC.

The Garbage Dilemma: A Community Guide to Solid Waste Management, League of Women Voters of Illinois Education Fund, 332 S. Michigan, Chicago 60604 (1990), 63 pp.; $7 plus $2 postage and handling.

The Illinois General Assembly has approved legislation requiring all counties to develop new solid waste management plans. This report is designed to assist private citizens who wish to participate in the development of these plans. Separate chapters deal with the history of solid waste management in this state, the current status of solid waste management, source reduction, recycling, the incineration alternative, landfills and household hazardous waste. The report also contains a glossary of terms and a list of additional publications and sources of information.

■  Illinois School Law Survey 1990, by David L. Franklin and Brian A. Braun, Illinois Association of School Boards. 1209 S. Fifth, Springfield 62703 (1990), 354 pp.; $14.

With the help of this well-organized and clearly written volume, school board members and parents as well as interested citizens will be able to find answers to a vast array of legal questions relating to the public schools in this state. Each of the 26 chapters deals with a specific aspect of public education (such as school board officers, the educational program, student discipline, or budgeting and managing school funds), and each chapter contains a series of questions with answers written in under standable terms using little or no legal jargon. For those interested in more detail, relevant court decisions and state statutes are also listed. A very thorough index is also provided.

■  Mass Transit in the Midwest: Spending and Competitive Contracting, by Wendell Cox and Jean Love, The Heartland Institute, 634 S. Wabash, 2nd Floor, Chicago 60605 (May 29, 1990), 28 pp.; $4.50.

This is No. 30 in the Heartland Policy Study series. According to the authors, public transit drivers are paid higher wages and benefits than 99 percent of all production employees in the country and nearly twice as much as drivers in the private bus industry. To help remedy this situation, they recommend competitive contracting with bids from the private sector.

■   The Delta Initiatives: A Report by the Lower Mississippi Delta Development Commission, available from Rhonda Vinson, Director. Office of Economic Development, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 62901 (May 1990), 186 pp.

This report, which was given to Congress and President Bush in May 1990, presents over 400 recommendations aimed at alleviating poverty in 219 counties and parishes in a seven-state area. Four of these recommendations address issues in Illinois: extending Interstate 24 to link with Interstate 64, upgrading Illinois Route 13 to four lanes between the Great River Road and Shawneetown, completing the Olmstead Lock and Dam project and constructing an Army National Guard armory in Williamson County. The report has four main sections: human capital, natural and physical assets, the environment and private enterprise.                   Anna J. Merritt

October 1990/Illinois Issues/33

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