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State Reports

Items listed under State Reports have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through interlibrary loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available.

State Reports

Available Disposal Capacity for Solid Waste in Illinois, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Land Pollution Control, 2200 Churchill Road, Springfield 62794-9276 (October 1990), 110 pp.

This fourth annual report (required by law) presents data on the volume of waste accepted at landfills in each of the state's counties, as well as the reported remaining landfill capacity by county and region. In 1987 Illinois had 147 active solid waste landfills; in 1990 there were 117. At current disposal volumes and capacities, the state has between six and eight years of remaining landfill space if no further capacity is added.

Illinois Population Trends: 1980 to 2025, Bureau of the Budget, 605 Stratton Office Bidg., Springfield 62706 (1990), 40 pp.

This is the 10th annual report on population trends in Illinois. It discusses historical as well as future trends, describes the population distribution within the state and points to the implications of changes in the population. It also contains a dozen tables showing such data as total population by age, white population by age, black population by age and total population by single ages.

Illinois Target Industry Report, Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, Bureau of Marketing, 620 E. Adams St., Springfield 62701 (November 1990).

This report contains background data, information on trends and resource materials, as well as strategic action plans for capitalizing on future opportunities in 10 industries: electronic components, food processing, health care products, hospitality, industrial machinery, metal finishing and fabrication, plastics, printing and publishing, services, and transportation equipment. Teams of industry leaders, academic experts and private-sector "mentors" are lending their expertise to each of the 10 areas. The task force on food processing, for example, is planning a major exhibit at the 1991 International Exposition of Food Processors to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago in March.

Anna J. Merritt

30/January 1991/Illinois Issues

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