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State Reports

Items listed under State Reports have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through inter-library loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available. For items listed under Other Reports write to the publisher as noted.

State Reports

What Ninth Graders Know About AIDS: A Report on the 1990 Illinois AIDS Survey, State Board of Education, 100 N. First, Springfield 62777 (October 1990), 42 pp.

According to a survey taken in spring 1990 among 1,181 students attending regular ninth-grade English classes in 34 schools throughout the state, nearly 98 percent are aware of the major means of transmitting AIDS, At the sametime, 27 percent were not willing or not sure about going to class with a student having the disease. Moreover, 21 percent said "no or were "not sure" that a student with AIDS should have the right to go to their school. The survey also revealed that students in the northern part of Illinois (excluding Cook and the collar counties) appear to be more knowledgeable about AIDS than those in the rest of the state.

Children and Adolescents, Illinois Citizens Assembly Council on Children, 222 S. College, Springfield 62704 (October l990), 55 pp.

This fourth annual report is a comprehensive assessment of state and federal funding levels for approximately 100 children's programs in Illinois. Each program is listed under the agency to which it reports; information includes expenditure levels for fiscal years 89, 90 and 91, as well as numbers of clients served and a description of the specific services that are offered.

Other Reports

Payment Due: A Reactor-by-Reactor Assessment of the Nuclear Industry's $25 + Billion Decommissioning Bill, Public Citizen, Critical Mass Energy Project, 215 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003 (October 1990), 88 pp.; $20. (The 20-page supplement costs $15, and both publications combined are available for $30.)

Illinois will have to collect $85.2 million annually to meet the currently projected decommissioning costs of its 14 nuclear reactors; total cost is estimated at $2.6 billion, highest in the nation. Illinois Power's Clinton-1 and Commonwealth Edison's Braidwood-2 are two of 23 plants nationwide for which less than 5 percent of these estimated costs had been collected by the end of 1989. Total cost of decommissioning all of the nation's 124 nuclear reactors that still have to be decommissioned is estimated at $25.6 billion.

Anna J. Merritt

34/February 1991/Illinois Issues

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