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These are members of the Illinois Legislative Correspondents Association with offices in the Pressroom of the State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois 62706.

Area code for Springfield is 217.

Alton Telegraph 782-4114
Dennis McMurray

Associated Press 789-2700
John Dowling Dennis Conrad Chris Wills Seth Perlman

Bloomington Pantagraph 782-1249
Don Thompson

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 782-6294
David Heckelman

Chicago Sun-Times 782-2509
Charles N. Wheeler III

Chicago Tribune 782-6296
Rick Pearson

Copley News Service 782-6882
Ray Serati Matt Krasnowski

Gannett News Service 782-2959
Tim Landis

Great Prairie News Service 524-0306
Diane Oltman

Illinois Issues 782-4090
Mike Klemens

Interstate News Service 785-7231
Diane Ross

Lee Enterprises 782-4043
Tony Man Harvey Berkman

Paddock Publications 782-6165
Dave Urbanek

Peoria Journal-Star 782-6292
Toby Eckert Bill O'Connell

State Journal-Register 782-3095
Jay Fitzgerald Doug Finke

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 782-4912
Kathy Best

United Press International 782-2157
Dan Shomon Jr.

Illinois News Network 782-6890
Ben Kiningham Becky Enrietto

WAND-TV 782-4115
Doug Wolfe

WBBM-Radio 782-6374
Steve Crocker

WBBM-TV 782-6109
Mike Flannery

WCIA-TV 782-2216
Molly Hall A.J. Boggio

WCVS-Radio 782-2486
Janet Hochstadter

WGN-TV 782-4616

WICS-TV 782-4230
Mark Randal

WLS-TV 782-6109
Hugh Hill

WMAQ-TV 782-6109
Dick Kay

WMAY-Radio 782-4053
Kris Hough

WSSU-Radio 782-6058
Jim Howard

State Capitol Information Service Inc.
Joe Harris Luke Carey
Celine Bentley

Tom Massey, Press Secretary
Rick Millard, Asst. Press Secretary

16/Illinois Issues 1991 Roster

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