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All offices are in the Statehouse. Springfield's area code is 217.

Springfield Office

Bill Holland:327782-3920

Chief of Staff

Carol Clarke:


Administrative Assistant

Judith Erwin:


Director, Communications

Tim Sullivan:


Linda Kingman: Director,

Chicago Office:

(312) 814-2075
State of Illinois Center, Room 16-600
100 W. Randolph 60601


Offices are in the Statehouse (SHs) and the Stratton Office Building (SBg). Springfield's area code is 217.

Springfield Office

Carter Hendren:309 SHs782-8184
Chief of Staff

Phil Weber:

A-Sec. SBg 782-4537
Research Director & Chief Legal Counsel

Jim Owen:

417 SHs782-3477

Assistant to Leader

Mark Gordon:

B-Sec. SBg782-5530
Director of Communications

John Kunzeman:

309 SHs782-5761
Director of Appropriations


309 SHs782-6291
Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Tom Taylor: Director,

Chicago Office:

(312) 814-2050
State of Illinois Center, Room 16-300
100 W. Randolph 60601



Photo by Terry Farmer/Showcase Photography

Pictured, from left, are Gary J. LaPaille, chief of staff for House Speaker Michael J. Madigan; Carter Hendren, chief of staff for Senate Minority Leader James "Pate" Philip; Pam McDonough, chief of staff House Minority Leader Lee A. Daniels; and Bill Holland, chief of staff for Senate President Philip J. Rock.


Staff assignments were unavailable at press time (March 12, 1991).

Agriculture & Conservation
Chair: O'Daniel
Vice Chair: Rea
Minority Spokesperson: Woodyard

Democrats: Demuzio, Jacobs, J.J. Joyce, Severns

Republicans: Donahue, Madigan, Rigney, Watson

Appropriations I
Chair: Carroll
Vice Chair: Severns
Minority Spokesperson: Etheredge

Democrats: Brookins, T. Dunn, J.E. Joyce, Lechowicz, Leverenz, Marovitz, O'Daniel, Rea, Savickas

Republicans: Butler, Donahue, R. Dunn, Hawkinson, Maitland, Schaffer, Topinka, Woodyard

Appropriations II
Chair: Hall
Vice Chair: Welch
Minority Spokesperson: Maitland

Democrats: Berman, del Valle, Demuzio, Holmberg, Newhouse, Smith, Vadalabene

Republicans: Donahue, Madigan, Rigney, Watson

Assignment of Bills
Chair: D'Arco, Demuzio
Vice Chair: Rock

Republicans: Philip, Weaver

Commerce & Economic Development
Chair: Newhouse
Vice Chair: del Valle
Minority Spokesperson: Mahar

Democrats: Dunn, Hall, Kelly, Luft

Republicans: Butler, DeAngelis, Etheredge, Woodyard

Consumer Affairs
Chair: del Valle
Vice Chair: Newhouse
Minority Spokesperson: Raica

Democrats: Alexander, Daley, Jacobs, Welch

Republicans: Geo-Karis, Macdonald, Philip

Elections & Reapportionment
Chair: Alexander
Vice Chair: Lechowicz
Minority Spokesperson: Dudycz

Democrats: Carroll, Daley, D'Arco, del Valle, Jones, J.J. Joyce, O'Daniel

Republicans: Barkhausen, Keats, Macdonald, Rigney, Schaffer, Shuneman

20/Illinois Issues 1991 Roster


Elementary & Secondary Education
Chair: Herman
Vice Chair: Holmberg
Minority Spokesperson: Karpiel

Democrats: Collins, Demuzio, Hall, Jones, Kelly, Newhouse, Rea, Welch

Republicans: DeAngelis, R. Dunn, Etheredge, Keats, Madigan, Maitland, Watson

Energy & Environment
Chair: Welch
Vice Chair: J.J. Joyce
Minority Spokesperson: Macdonald

Democrats: Alexander, D'Arco, Jacobs, Rea, Severns

Republicans: Donahue, Hudson, Karpiel, Mahar, Maitland

Chair: Marovitz
Vice Chair: Hall
Minority Spokesperson: Donahue

Democrats: Collins, D'Arco, Demuzio, J.E. Joyce, J.J. Joyce, Kelly, Lechowicz, Rock, Vadalabene

Republicans: Davidson, Dudycz, Geo-Karis, Karpiel, Philip, Schaffer, Schuneman, Weaver

Executive Appointments, Veterans' Affairs & Administration
Chair: Kelly
Vice Chair: Vadalabene
Minority Spokesperson: Butler

Democrats: Brookins, Demuzio, Hall, Jacobs, Lechowicz, Luft, Rock, Savickas, Smith

Republicans: Davidson, Dudycz, Friedland, Geo-Karis, Philip, Schaffer, Schuneman, Weaver

Finance & Credit Regulations
Chair: Jacobs
Vice Chair: Berman
Minority Spokesperson: Keats

Democrats: Brookins, Carroll, Daley, Demuzio, Jones, J.J. Joyce, Luft, Rea, Severns, Welch

Republicans: Butler, Friedland, Hudson, Karpiel, Mahar, Raica, Schaffer, Topinka, Weaver

Higher Education
Chair: Holmberg
Vice Chair: J.E. Joyce
Minority Spokesperson: R. Dunn

Democrats: del Valle, Newhouse, Vadalabene

Republicans: Davidson, Fawell, Hawkinson

Insurance, Pensions & Licensed Activities
Chair: Jones
Vice Chair: Cullerton
Minority Spokesperson: Madigan

Democrats: Berman, Collins, D'Arco, Holmberg, Luft, Savickas, Smith

Republicans: Barkhausen, DeAngelis, Friedland, Hudson, Rigney, Schuneman

Judiciary I
Chair: T. Dunn
Vice Chair: D'Arco
Minority Spokesperson: Barkhausen

Democrats: Berman, Carroll, Cullerton, Marovitz

Republicans: Geo-Karis, Hawkinson, Macdonald

Illinois Issues 1991 Roster/21

Judiciary II
Chair: J.E. Joyce
Vice Chair: Marovitz
Minority Spokesperson: Hawkinson

Democrats: Alexander, Daley, D'Arco, T. Dunn

Republicans: Barkhausen, Fawell, Geo-Karis

Chair: Rea
Vice Chair: Smith
Minority Spokesperson: Hudson

Democrats: Brookins, Collins, Holmberg, Leverenz

Republicans: Butler, Friedland, Macdonald

Local Government
Chair: Daley
Vice Chair: Luft
Minority Spokesperson: Fawell

Democrats: Alexander, Holmberg, Jacobs, Jones, Leverenz

Republicans: Butler, Hudson, Raica, Schuneman

Public Health, Welfare & Corrections
Chair: Smith
Vice Chair: Leverenz
Minority Spokesperson: Topinka

Democrats: Cullerton, T. Dunn, Jones, Marovitz, Rea, Savickas

Republicans: Donahue, Karpiel, Madigan, Mahar, Raica

Chair: Luft
Vice Chair: 0'Daniel
Minority Spokesperson: Rigney

Democrats: Cullerton, del Valle, T. Dunn, Severns, Welch

Republicans: DeAngelis, Etheredge, Watson, Woodyard

State Government Organization & Administration
Chair: Severns
Vice Chair: Kelly
Minority Spokesperson: Friedland

Democrats: Carroll, Cullerton, Lechowicz, Leverenz

Republicans: Davidson, Dudycz, Mahar

Chair: Brookins
Vice Chair: Daley
Minority Spokesperson: Watson

Democrats: Collins, Cullerton, J.E. Joyce, Lechowicz, Leverenz, O'Daniel, Savickas

Republicans: Davidson, Dudycz, Fawell, Hawkinson, Keats, Topinka

22/Illinois Issues 1991 Roster

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