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State Reports

Items listed under State Reports have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through interlibrary loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available. For items listed under Other Reports, write to the publisher as noted.

State Reports

Court-Annexed Mandatory Arbitration Annual Report, 1990, Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, 30 N. Michigan Ave., Rm. 2017, Chicago 60602 (January 1991), 14 pp.

Mandatory arbitration, which now operates in four Illinois counties (Winnebago, where the pilot program was conducted in 1987, DuPage, Lake and Cook), resolved over 10,500 cases using a two-hour process rather than the usual two-or three-day process with a judge and jury. Cases assigned to arbitration must be civil actions in which each claim is exclusively for money not exceeding $15,000. Both parties to the dispute have the right to reject the arbitrator's ruling. This report describes the process and offers a discussion and analysis of the program's success.

Cleaning Illinois: The Challenge Facing Illinois' Hazardous Waste Cleanup Efforts, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Land Pollution Control, 2200 Churchill Rd., Springfield 62706 (Fall 1990), 45 pp.

This report contains 20 case studies of hazardous waste sites that are in danger of not being cleaned up because of uncertainty over funding. The last few pages of the report are devoted to a discussion of the funding dilemma.

Economic Development Handbook: Illinois Utility Options, Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 E. Capitol Ave., P.O. Box 19280, Springfield 62794-9280 (September 1990), 39 pp.

Section 9-241 of the Illinois Public Utilities Act establishes the Illinois Commerce Commission's authority to implement special utility rate structures to stimulate economic development. This handbook describes five types of economic development utility rates that are available, as well as the utility loan programs. A list of utility contact persons is also provided.

Illinois Statewide Electric Utility Plan: Optioning Resources for the Future, 1992-2012, Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources, 325 W. Adams St., Springfield 62704 (January 1991), 3 volumes.

The first of these three volumes contains an executive summary of the utility plan, including an overview of supply and demand assessments and a list of policy recommendations. Volume II contains a detailed description of the assessments, as well as 10 chapters that outline policy issues and 23 recommendations, including the establishment of a competitive bidding system for new capacity resources and the development of model energy efficiency standards for buildings and a home energy rating system. Volume III contains appendices of supporting documentation.

Other Reports

Rights & Responsibilities: The Next Phase/Licensing a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility, League of Women Voters of Illinois Education Fund; available from the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, 1035 Outer Park Dr., Springfield 62704 (1990), 36 pp.

As part of its long-standing and continuing effort to assist citizens interested in becoming involved in the governmental decisionmaking process, the League of Women Voters of Illinois has issued this booklet containing information on an issue that will affect every resident of this state. As is true of most league publications, it is clear, concise and highly informative. In addition to a brief summary of the history of the issue of low-level radioactive waste, the booklet discusses (all from the perspective of the lay public) the licensing process, the major components of a license, the issue of transporting low-level radioactive waste and how to make decisions about risks.

Anna J. Merritt

May 1991/Illinois Issues/35

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