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Other Reports

Building Public Private Partnerships to Improve Vocational Education in Illinois, Illinois Council on Vocational Education, Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb 60115 (February 1991) 28pp.

In an effort to help build new public, private partnerships, the Illinois Council for Governmental Studies launched a statewide study in early 1990 to understand the perspectives of Illinois business and labor on what vocational education can do to prepare the state's workforce for the nineties and beyond. This report summarizes the responses to a survey that was sent to over 5,000 businesses and labor representatives as well as the results of eight roundtable discussions held throughout the state. The report shows that these groups view preparation in basic academic skills as the top priority for education. In a follow-up report, "Toward a World-Class Workforce," the Illinois Council on Vocational Education presents its recommendations and suggested actions.

The Child Next Door: Framing a Community Response to Families with Troubled Children, Voices for Illinois Children, 53 W. Jackson, Suite 515, Chicago 60604 (1991), 50pp.; $6.

Although 10-12 percent of all children and adolescents experience significant mental health problems, only 2 percent of this population group receives mental health or related services. This report lays out the full dimensions of this enormous societal problem and then offers a series of specific steps that could be taken to improve mental health resources for young children in Illinois, including: home visitors, day care providers, expanded Head Start and preschool programs, drop-in centers and community mental health services.

Economic Development for Small Communities and Rural Areas, by Phillip D. Phillips for Community Information and Education Service Programs, Office of Continuing Education and Public Service, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 302 E. John, Suite 202, Champaign 61820 (1990), 180pp.; $24.95

This is a well-organized and clearly written primer for anyone involved in economic development in a small community or rural area. Its nine sections cover such topics as factors that influence economic development (for example slower population and labor force growth, women in the work force and the battle of business incentives), establishing a successful economic development program, the site selection process and marketing your community. The volume also includes an extensive annotated bibliography and a section of exhibits used in the economic development process; the latter contains examples of surveys and other data gathering methods.

Introduction to County Government: Guidelines for County Board Members, by John D. Wenum (74pp., $14.95) and Handbook for County Board Members and Commissioners (second edition, 101pp., $16.95), prepared by the Office of Neil F. Hartigan, Illinois Attorney General; both available from Community Information and Education Service, Office of Continuing Education and Public Service, 302 E. John, Suite 202, Champaign 61820.

Together, these two handbooks provide much useful information for the prospective county board member as well as those who have been recently elected or have served for a number of years. Topics covered in the Introduction to County Government include: the county in history, the county board member as representative, the county as a unit of government, county boards and the justice system, county finance and intergovernmental relations. The Handbook contains information about many of the county government statutes as well as interpretations of those statutes by Illinois courts and the attorney general. It is divided into five chapters: board member responsibilities, limitations on board member activities, organization and procedures, financial responsibilities and working relationships (with other elected bodies and officials).

Citizen Control of Local Government: Budgets and Taxes, by Dick Simpson and Cathy Colton (February 1991), 36pp.; available from the Office of Social Science Research (M/C 307), University of Illinois at Chicago, Box 4348, Chicago 60680; $5.

The text of this booklet concludes with a list of 10 recommendations for concrete reforms that could be implemented by local governments in Chicago to improve their efficiency and to provide new opportunities for citizen involvement. The recommendations are predicated on the assumption that reform requires the production and availability of various kinds of information and increased participation in the budgeting process by the governments' legislative branches. The report is part of the Chicago Budgeting Project, which has issued eight other reports during the last two years.

Anna J. Merritt

June 1991/Illinois Issues/37

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