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State Reports

Items listed under "State Reports" have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through interlibrary loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available. For items listed under "Other Reports," write to the publisher as noted.

State Documents

The Consumer Guide to Charges at Illinois Hospitals by Illness Category, Public Information Office, Illinois Health Care Cost Containment Council, 527 S. Wells, Suite 600, Chicago 60607 (May 1991).

Increases in hospital charges varied greatly throughout the state for the period January 1 through December 31, 1989. This annual report, which is once again contained in two booklets (one for the category, "age 65 & older," the other, "under age 65"), provides statewide, regional and hospital-specific charge and utilization data. In the under age 65 group, the largest percentage increase (16 percent) was for simple pneumonia and pleurisy among; a younger subgroup, from birth through age 17. Those over 65 saw an increase of 12 percent for stroke, digestive tract problems with complications, major joint and limb replacement, and transient ischemic attack.

Outlook: The Revenue Picture for 1991, Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission of the Illinois General Assembly (June 1991), 59pp. A letter dated June 4, 1991, accompanying this report suggests that while numerous economists were expressing optimism about the national economy, the commission "continues to cast a wary eye on the future." The first section of this report considers the general economic outlook. Section two is a general funds update, and section three discusses individual general funds sources. Section four is a brief comparison of revenue forecasts by the commission and the governor's Bureau of the Budget, and the concluding section (consisting primarily of tables) presents all appropriated funds.

Other Reports

Forests of Illinois, Illinois Council on Forestry Development, 110 Mumford Hall, 1301 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana 61801 (April 1991), 24pp.

This highly attractive booklet, with numerous color photographs, contains a wealth of information for young and old alike. The text covers such topics as what our forests looked like before the European immigration and how the forests benefit the state. Maps, charts and graphs highlight and enhance the printed word.

Anna J. Merritt

November 1991/Illinois lssues/29

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