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Volume 46 Number 3 March 1993
Printed by authority of the State of Illinois
Jim Edgar, Governor

41   Feature Essay
Television Comes to America, 1947-57

    James L. Baughman
   University of Wisconsin, Madison
45   Jim and Marian Jordan's Contributions to Radio
   Laura Buck
   Washington School, Peoria
48   The Pantograph
   Arlan Miller
   Gridley High School, Gridley
50   Some Players in Peoria
   Kami Kosenkok
   Washington School, Peoria
51   Small-Town Theater and Small-Town Family
   Hilary Aydt
   Carbondale Community High School,
53   Ronald Reagan: From Broadcaster to President
   Sarah Tintori
   Marseilles Elementary School, Marseilles
54   Walt Disney and His Influence on the Mass Media
   Paul Johnson
   University of Chicago Laboratory Schools,
55   Chicago's WMAQ Television
   Tom Webb
   Brookwood Junior High School, Glenwood
57   The Launching of a Local Television Station
   B. J. Kostelac
   Belleville Township High School West,
58   The Life and Times
of the Waterloo Republic-Times

   Matthew A. Rota
   Waterloo High School, Waterloo
59   Illinois, Film, and Mr. Micheaux
   Yasi Abernathy
   Morgan Park High School, Chicago
60   A Famous Illinois Actor
   Christine Banaszak
   Tinley Park High School, Tinley Park
On the cover: Before entertainment made its way into America's living rooms, live performances were presented in the theaters and small opera houses that are found in nearly every community. Joseph Jefferson, posing here as Bob Acres in a play called The Rivals, was a household name in central Illinois. He appeared in numerous stage productions in Springfield and Peoria.

  Susan Mogerman

  Julie Cellini
  Pamela A. Daniels
  Samuel Lilly
  Frank J. Mason
  Sally B. Schanbacher
  Carol Stein
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Educational Services Section
  Keith A. Sculle, Educational Services

Illinois History
  Editor: Keith A. Sculle
  Design and Layout: Cynthia A. Fuener


Executive Director
  E. Duane Elbert

Officers for 1992-93
  John R. Power, President
  Robert J. Klaus, President-Elect
  William D. Winberg, Treasurer

  Directors: Roland Bauer, Mary Dean, Linda L. Hay, William A. Hensley, James T. Hickey, Thomas E. Leiter, Robert McColley, Patricia Mooney-Melvin, Barbara Posadas, Richard Pyatt, Marvin Strunk, Terence A. Tanner, F. John Tay-lor, Wendy Hamand Venet, Mark Wyman.

    Advisory Board Members: Leah Joy Axelrod, Tara Blazer, Janet Cornelius, James E. Davis, Carl J. Ekberg, Charlene Gill, James Grossman, John E. Hallwas, John Hoffmann, Carolyn I. Johnson, John Lamb, Floyd W. Marshall, Michael J. McNerney, Douglas K. Meyer, Catherine Welch O'Connor, Jo Ann Rayfield, Marc Savard, Marc S. Schulman, Len R. Small, Mark W. Sorensen, Richard Worthen.

Illinois History (ISSN 0019-2058) is published four times during the school year, December, February, March and May, by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency in cooperation with the Illinois State Historical Society. Printed by authority of the State of Illinois (9236S9.1 M3-93). Second-class postage paid at Springfield, Illinois. Copyright, Illinois State Historical Society, 1993. Subscription rates: One copy is sent free on request to all schools in Illinois. Additional school-use subscriptions are $1 per volume (four issues). All other subscriptions are $4 per volume. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Illinois History, Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois, 62701.

All photos unless otherwise credited are courtesy Illinois State Historical Library, Mary Michals, Iconographer.

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