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Volume 48 Number 1 December 1994


Feature Essay
Railroads for the Twenty-first Century:
A Look Back; A Look Ahead
   Robert Sutton
   University of Illinois
The Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Road
   Andrew Ouper
   Lake Villa Intermediate School (Lake Villa)
   and Antioch Community High School
Illinois' and St. Clair County's Early Railroads
   Becky Richards
   Belleville Township High School West
The Pullman Strike
   Martina Brendel
   Ogden Elementary School
10 The Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company
   Matt Page
   Mt. Vernon Towhship High School
   Mt. Vernon
11 The Development of Carbondale
as a Railroad Community

   Delano Scott
   Carbondale Community High School
13 Lexington's Golden Age of Railroads
   Derrick Baker
   Lexington High School
14 William B. Ogden and the Galena and Chicago
Union Railroad

   Colleen Scampini
   Brookwood Junior High School
16 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad:
An Eventful History

   Brad Neville
   Brookwood Junior High School
17 Fulton County's Interurban Railway System
   Mary Elizabeth Rogers
   Farmington Junior High School
Chicago rail yards fill with steam as locomotives and industrial smoke stacks stand side by side to manufacture and ship goods by rail to all sections of the country.
19 Whittington Railroad Born
   Amy Elizabeth Cook
   Ewing-Northern Grade School
20 Construction of the Illinois Central:
Giant Feat of Labor

   Joshua Morris
   Carbondale Community High School
22 Arthur Gate's Work on the B & 0 Railroad
   Kimberly Johnson
   Waterloo High School
23 Pullman, Debs, and Illinois Railroad Workers
   Amanda Cairo
   Franklin Fine Arts Center
24 The Two Faces of Homer
   Stacey Jones
   Heritage High School

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