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Volume 48 Number 2 February 1995


25  Feature Essay
Abraham Lincoln before the Presidency
   James Davis
   Illinois College, Jacksonville
29   A Real Education
   Brian Burns
   South Middle School, Arlington Heights
30   Lincoln and the McCormick-Manny Case
   Sarah-Eva Carlson
   Heritage School, Rockford
32   Lincoln the Storekeeper
   Annie Goitein
   Peoria Hebrew Day School, Peoria
33   Flatboating down the Mississippi
   Christ Balich
   Ogden School, Chicago
34   Abraham Lincoln, Family Man
   Lauren Omohundro
   Good Shepherd Lutheran School,
35   Lincoln: The Struggles of Fatherhood
   Melissa Mendes
   Ogden School, Chicago
36   The Lincoln-Douglas Debate in "Egypt"
   Jackson Foote
   Lincoln Junior High School, Carbondale
38   Lincoln's Poetry
   Margaret Mary Moran
   Brookwood Junior High School, Glenwood
39   The Legend of Abraham Lincoln
and Ann Rutledge

   Carrie Deppe
   Waterloo High School, Waterloo
40   Lincoln's Early Years
   Marshall Threw
   Chapman Junior High School, Farmington
41   Lincoln at New Salem
   Curt Moeckel
   Washington School, Peoria

On the cover: This ambrotype of Lincoln was taken in the
late 1850s, just a few years before Lincoln was elected president.

43   Lincoln's Years in the Illinois Legislature
   Jonathan E. Helm
   Macornb Junior/Senior High School,
44   Mannerisms of a Lawyer
   Jeremy Reppy
   Carbondale Community High School,
46   The Blackhawk War's Influence on
Abraham Lincoln

   Angela Simon
   Belleville Township High School West,
47   Lincoln and the Illinois Central Railroad
   Amy Yaeger
   Mt. Vernon Township- High School,
   Mt. Vernon
48   Lincoln's Forgotten Duel
   Lori Eberhart
   Civic Memorial High School, Bethalto

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Illinois History
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All photos in this issue are from the Lincoln Collection of the Illinois State Historical Library.

Printed by authority of the State of Illinois
Jim Edgar, Governor

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