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IAPD Legislative Conference Provides Opportunity for Awareness and Advocacy

JLC Co-Chair Roman Strzala Majority Leader Robert W. Churchill Rep. Aldo DeAngelis (R-40)
JLC Co-Chair Roman Strzala (President, Addison PD) introduces delegates to IAPD's new program, the 180 Minute Legislative Commitment, and builds enthusiasm for a day at the State Capitol Majority Leader Robert W. Churchill (R-62) outlines the legislative issues on the fast-track of the General Assembly Rep. Aldo DeAngelis (R-40) reports on the status of Senate Bill 368 and the work needed for its passage in the Illinois General Assembly

Pamela Newton, Brent Manning, Rep. Andrea S. Moore, Steven Messerli John South, Rep. Art Turner, Rocky Vonachen III, Stanley Budzinski
Lake County FPD Vice President Pamela Newton, DNR Director Brent Manning, Rep. Andrea S. Moore (R-61) and Lake County FPD Executive Director Steven Messerli Peoria PD Trustee John South, Rep. Art Turner (D-9), Peoria PD Trustees Rocky Vonachen III and Stanley Budzinski
Duncan Guild, Senator Emil Jones Jr., Sandra Duffin, Senator William Shaw, Alan Fink,  Leonard Hines, Sherman Williams William Tucknott, Mary Ann Bitzer, Rep. Terry R. Parke, Sharon Romack, Michael Gilfillan, Sen. Martin J. Butler
Country Club Hills (CCH) PD Commissioner Duncan Guild, Senator Emil Jones Jr. (D-14), CCH PD Commissioner Sandra Duffin, Senator William Shaw (D-15), CCH PD Director Alan Fink, (seated L-R) CCH Vice President Leonard Hines and CCH PD President Sherman Williams Schaumburg PD Vice President William Tucknott, Collinsville Area Recreation District President Mary Ann Bitzer, Rep. Terry R. Parke (R-53), Arlington Heights PD Commissioner Sharon Romack, Arlington Heights PD President Michael Gilfillan and Senator Martin J. Butler (R-28)

Illinois Parks & Recreation July/August 1995 13

Legislators Exchange Views with IAPD Representatives at Legislative Reception

Rep. Edward Joseph Zabrocki Jr., Mary Colmar, Rep. flora Ciarlo, Rep. Eileen Lyons, Mary Jo Ciarlo David Novak, Rep. Eugene Moore, Greg Kolinek, Patrick Hurley
Rep. Edward Joseph Zabrocki Jr. (R-37), Olympia Fields PD Director Mary Colmar, Rep. Flora L. Ciarlo (R-80), Rep. Eileen Lyons (R-47) and Mary Jo Ciarlo (seated) PD of Forest Park Director David Novak, Rep. Eugene Moore (D-7), PD of Forest Park Commissioner Greg Kolinek and Memorial PD Commissioner Patrick Hurley
Richard Buch, Sen. Louis S. Viverito, Robert Greening John Comerio, Brent Mannin, John South, Rep. Donald L. Saltsman, Roger Allen, Stanley Budzinski, Bonnie Noble, Tocky Vonachen III
Burbank PD Commissioner Richard Buch, Senator Louis S. Viverito (D-ll) and Burbank PD President Robert Greening DNR Deputy Director John Comerio, DNR Director Brent Manning, Peoria PD Trustee John South, Rep. Donald L. Saltsman (D-92), Peoria PD Trustee Roger Allen, (seated L-R) Peoria PD Trustee Stanley Budzinski, Peoria PD Director Bonnie Noble and Peoria PD Trustee Rocky Vonachen III
James Shook, Rep. Thomas Lachner, Al Hill John Wood, Rep. Thomas Johnson, Rep. Jay Hoffman
Round Lake Area PD Commissioner James Shook, Rep. Thomas Lachner (R-59) and Zion PD Director Al Hill Kane County FPC Board Member John Wood, Rep. Thomas Johnson (R-50) and Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-112)

14 Illinois Parks & Recreation July/August 1995

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