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Volume 52 Number 2 February 1999


21 "I Shall Feel Ever Grateful": General Grant and Congressman Washburne

Anna Carlson
Heritage School, Rockford

23 David Davis and Abraham Lincoln's First Presidential Campaign

Michelle Chrul
South Middle School, Arlington Heights

24 Lyman Trumbull

Jenna Bishop
Carbondale Community High School, Carbondale

25 Ulysses S. Grant

Alexis Stack
Chapman Junior High School, Farmington

27 Stephen Douglas and the Slavery Issue

Brad Andersen
Oregon High School, Oregon

28 Ulysses S. Grant: The Accidental General

Evan J. Cording
University High School, Urbana

30 Lyman Trumbull: From Belleville into History

Lacey M. Diesel
Belleville Township High School West, Belleville

32 Stephen Douglas and the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Abi Mogge
Oregon High School, Oregon

34 Binding the Nation with "Bands of Steel"

Paige E. Wassel
Robinson High School, Robinson

36 Reconstruction and Corruption in the Grant Administration

Jennifer Collins
Macomb Junior High School, Macomb

On the cover: The four men pictured here (left to right, top to bottom), Ulysses S. Grant, Lyman Trumbull, David Davis, and Stephen A. Douglas, all served the country contemporaneously with Abraham Lincoln.

37 Brigadier General Grant

Ryan Lindsey
Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Collinsville

38 Ulysses S. Grant: Two Images of the Man

Tara Dillon-Sumner
Unity Point School, Carbondale

39 The First Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Pam Venable
Booth Elementary School, Enfield

40 David Davis

Heather Bohn
Bent School, Bloomington

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Illinois History

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