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Donald S. Murray

In a continuing effort to increase the services offered to clients, McFadzean and Everly, Limited announces the affiliation of Mr. Donald S. Murray, who has joined this firm as a principal. Mr. Murray, with a B.A. in architecture. University of Illinois, comes from a firm of architects that specialize in schools and institutional structures. He has had more than 20 years experience in the field of architecture and construction. He will assume the full responsibility for major park and recreation structures.

Robert C. Greenlees, a long time employee of this staff, will assume the responsibility in the architectural department and will be responsible for specialized park and recreation structures such as zoological buildings, artificial ice rinks, country club structures and the like.

Mr. Edward L. Deam will continue to serve as chief designer and all architectural design will be within his province.

With these three men all of whom are registered architects at the head of this architectural staff, the services offered to our clients have been materially strengthened.


Cap Sauers Dies

"Cap" Sauers after more than forty years in parks and conservation service retired in 1965. Upon retirement "Cap" was honored by this Association with an honorary life membership.

Charles G. "Cap" Sauers, 77, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Cook County Forest Preserve District, and general superintendent from 1929 to 1964, passed away on May 12 in his home in Hinsdale.

Mr. Sauers was one of the most colorful figures in the parks field. A combination man-of-the-soil and academician, he was a tall, gangling figure in a broad-rimmed hat, colorful vest, bow tie and heavy tweeds. Most of the time it was hard to find him— he's out somewhere inspecting his domain, the nature belt that rings the city of Chicago.

Sauers lived in a sprawling house on a 15 acre plot that has been described as a park in itself. He grew his own vegetables. He was early to bed (before 9 every night) and early to rise (4 a.m.) and spent the early hours in his "morning room" reading "egghead" magazines, detective stories, historical novels and biographies. A large library of cookbooks is testimonial to his love of the culinary art.

Sauers was a graduate of Purdue University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Horticulture) in 1915, and studied landscape architecture at Harvard Graduate School in 1916 and 1917. Then he answered the call of his country and served as a Captain of Field Artillery from 1917 to 1919.

From 1919 to 1929 he served as Assistant to the Director and Superintendent of Lands and Waters, Indiana Department of Conservation. This was the beginning of state parks in Indiana and the major system was developed in these years.

Sauers served as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Conference on State Parks and the American Institute of Park Executives for various terms. He assisted in the inauguration of the National Conference on State Parks in Des Moines in 1920. In 1928 he lectured on the Pacific Coast for the National Conference on State Parks, with funds provided by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Sauers was a member of the Advisory Board on National Parks Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments from 1941 to 1952. Since he was a member and chairman of the Conservation Advisory Board, State of Illinois.

He received the Pugsley bronze medal of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society in 1930, was an Honorary Fellow of the A.I.P.E., a Fellow of the A.S. L.A., and was a member of Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Delta Chi, and Alpha Zeta fraternities.

Sauers spent 40 years in the acquisition, development and operation of natural landscapes for the use of people. He was the man who had to be forced by his County Board to take a $1,200 a year pay boost instead of three per cent—or $540—he allotting himself because that was what had been granted other county workers.

One of his colleagues still at work with the Cook County Forest Preserve District gave him this tribute, "No one, whose privilege it was to know him is likely to forget him. What he preached he practiced. What he believed he believed with heart and soul. He was truly a great man."


Steven Riser

of Champaign was appointed by the Freeport Park District as Assistant

Illinois Parks and Recreation 142 September/October 1970

People and News

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Director of Parks and Recreation. Steve holds bachelor's and master's degrees in recreation and park administration from the University of Illinois. He will assist James Quayle in the administration and supervision of the district's recreational programs.

Part of the new assistant director's duties will include the planning and development of a year-round recreation program. Riser will also be responsible for coordinating implementation of the park district's recently completed master plan for future development. On a more long range basis Riser will be involved in the planning and development of future park and recreation sites and a study under way to enlarge the present park district.

Mr. Riser will assume the new post July 1. He has held positions on the recreation programs staff of the Champaign and Urbana Park Districts. He was director of the Urbana District's day camp for two summers and served as director of the Champaign Youth Center for a year.

A native of Oblong, Riser is married and has an 8 year old son.


John T. Witcher

John T. Witcher was recently hired by the Lockport Township Park District Roard as Superintendent of Recreation. He received his B.S. degree from Eastern Illinois University and has spent three years in the United States Marine Corp.

Mr. Witcher has had previous experience in the field of recreation at the Urbana Park District. He and his wife, Vicki, and their six month old daughter, Julie Michele, will reside at 812 Jefferson Street, Lockport.


Clifford Iverson

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Iverson is now the year round Park and Recreation Director for the Bartlett Park District, and


Warren T. Knowles

... is now president of the Bartlett Park District . . .


Howard 0. Haefner

. . . Commissioner of the Homer Park District passed away suddenly on May 2nd due to a heart attack. He was highly regarded as a community leader and friend.

He was refrigeration specialist at Scott Air Force Base at the time of his death; a WWII veteran, a member of the Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department and had served as a Commissioner since 1963.


Fourth Brightbill Banquet

Dr. Sal J. Prezioso, President of the National Recreation and Park Association, was the guest speaker at the Fourth Annual Charles K. Brightbill Banquet held on April 22, 1970, at the Illini Union on the Urbana Campus of the University of Illinois. Dr.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 143 September/October 1970

At the Brightbill dinner from left to right, Robert Stoller, Betty Brightbill, Judith Ann Webb, Jean-Marc Beauchesne, and Dr. Sal. J. Prezioso, President, NRPA.

Prezioso's speech was entitled "Mental and Environmental Pollution," in conjunction with the theme of the nationwide environmental teach-in.

The banquet, sponsored by the Department of Recreation and Park Administration of the College of Physical Education, is dedicated to the memory of Professor Brightbill, who was head of tlie Department from its establishment in 1957 until his death in 1966.

A high point of the banquet was the presentation of the Charles K. Brightbill Awards and the John Bruce Capel Memorial Scholarship.

The Brightbill Awards are presented for outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and personality. Miss Judith Ann Webb, a senior from Billings, Montana, majoring in therapeutic recreation, and Jean-Marc Beauchesne, the head of the new Department of Recreology at the University of Ottawa, Canada, are the year's recipients of the Brightbill Awards.

The Capel Scholarship is awarded for excellence in scholarship and professional goals. Robert Stoller, a junior from Gridley, Illinois, majoring in Recreation, is the recipient of the 1970 Capel Scholarship.


Teresa Petry

Teresa Petry wins Society Scholarship

. . . has won the Illinois Park and Recreation Scholarship Award. She was chosen from 80 applicants throughout the State of Illinois. The Illinois Park and Recreation Society Award is given annually to an outstanding high school senior and is based on the student's academic achievement, participation in school activities and interest in the recreation profession with a definite intention of entering the recreation field. Dan O'Neil is scholarship chairman for I.P.R.S.

During her years at Centennial, Teresa was a member of the National Honor Society, Senior Girls Council, and was on the Robeson High School Fashion Board for two years. She has won beauty contests and was selected as one of the recipients of the Kiwanis Outstanding Senior Award.


Southern Illinois University Changes

Dr. William O'Brien heads SIU Recreation Department

Dr. William "Bill" O'Brien was appointed Chairman of the Recreation Department of S.I.U., effective Summer Quarter, 1970, when Dr. William Ridinger asked to be relieved of the Chairmanship. Dr. Ridinger desired to return to teaching and area service responsibilities and thereby petitioned for release from administrative responsibilities.

Dr. O'Brien has been a member of the Recreation Department since 1957, and prior to that time was head football coach and a member of the Physical Education Faculty at S.I.U. His career with the University began in 1948 when he joined the Physical Education and Coaching staff of the University. Dr. O'Brien has earned five graduate degrees including the Doctorate in Recreation, and has conducted several research projects in the field of Recreation, particularly in the area of personnel practices. He is a veteran of World War II and the Korean Conflict; and at present, is a Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves. As an avocation he referees professional football in the National Football League.

During his tenure at Southern, one of his main interests has been student-teacher relationships and he has been honored by student groups in recognition of his contribution of service to them. During the past year a special award was named for him to be given to an outstanding student athlete selected by the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. He is married to the former LeVerne Garrett of West Frankfort, and although they have no children, they feel like they have some "unofficial adopted" family members from the student ranks.


University of Illinois Staff Changes

According to Dr. Alien Sapora many staff changes in the Department of Recreation and Park Administration are being made for the coming year. Joseph Bannon, Chief, Office of Recreation

Illinois Parks and Recreation 144 September/October 1970

and Park Resources, will be on leave for one year, beginning September 1, to continue as Project Director of the Roving Recreation Leader Study. The study, under contract with the Division of Manpower Development and Training, U.S. Office of Education, the Roving Recreation Leader Guide was completed and published and three major training institutes were held in Washington, D.C., Detroit and Los Angeles. The study was sponsored by Office of Recreation and Park Resources and the National Recreation and Park Association. Clarence Dade, Office of Recreation and Park Resources, served as Principal Investigator.

Professor Rannon will continue to direct the third year of the study under a grant from the State of Illinois Board of Vocational Education and Rehabilitation, Division of Vocational and Technical Education. The purpose of the third phase is to test the effectiveness of the Roving Leader Training Guide in the field, and while doing so develop new techniques to evaluate leadership training in a recreation-type situation. The field work will take place in the Harlem section of New York City. with the cooperation of the Youth Service Agency, Human Resources Administration, City of New York. The study will involve experimental and control groups and will test new techniques of leadership evaluation. The program will include the development of Professor Bannon's Ph.D. thesis.

Charles Pezoldt, for eleven years director of Parks and Recreation, Des Plaines, will serve as Acting Chief, Office of Recreation and Park Resources, during the 1970-71 school year. Professor Pezoldt is President. Illinois Park and Recreation Society, and has been a member of the Office of Recreation and Park Resources staff as Specialist in Urban Recreation for the past three years. Three new staff members will assist Professor Pezoldt in the work of Office of Recreation and Park Resources.

Alan Jubenville, Ph.D., of the University of Montana, will replace Terry Van Meter as Specialist in Outdoor Recreation and Resources. Dr. Jubenville has experience in wildland and outdoor recreation, with particular emphasis upon the socialogical and psychological aspects of recreation in the outdoors. His experience also includes three years of work with parks and forest recreation in Indiana and West Virginia, and work with rural recreation and forest recreation operations. Dr. Jubenville will work closely with county personnel through the Cooperative Extension service and with others in outdoor recreation planning and resource development.

Eimo B. Meroney will join the staff as Specialist in Community Recreation Resource Development. Mr. Meroney holds a Master's degree in Recreation and Park Administration from the University of Illinois, and served in the Department of Recreation, City of Topeka, Kansas, and for four years as Superintendent of the Lincoln, Nebraska Park and Recreation Department.

Jerry D. Kelley, Mental Health Consultant, Stone-Brandel Center, Chicago, will join the staff as Specialist in Therapeutic Recreation. Mr. Kelley will function with the staff as consultant under a grant from the Division of Vocational and Technical Education, Board of Vocational Education and Rehabilitation, State of Illinois. Mr. Kelley brings to the department a number of years of experience gained during work at Michael Reese Medical Center, Lakewood City, California, Recreation Department, the Illinois State Psychiatric Institute, and other agencies. The primary task in Therapeutic Recreation, will be to initiate and conduct training therapeutic recreation. Another major focus of the program will be to provide training and educational resources for (1) personnel who need training in therapeutic recreation in order to implement recreation programs for the ill, disabled, and handicapped, and (2) for personnel presently employed in working with

Illinois Parks and Recreation 145 September/October 1970

special populations who need assistance in upgrading skills.

E. H. "Duke" Regnier will continue as Specialist in Program, ORPR. Duke is considering retirement but will remain part of this year to assist in orientation of new personnel.

Professor Maxwell Garret will rejoin the staff after a one-year leave of absence. He has been serving as Director of the Training School for Fencing Instruction under the auspices of the Sports Federation of Israel. He is developing a research project related to cross-cultural study of recreation and leisure habits, interests, and attitudes of groups and individuals who have come from different cultures and now reside in Israel. He will return to his duties in the department in September.

Dr. M. Virginia Frye has left the department and on September 1, 1970, will join the faculty of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, as Professor-in-charge of Recreation Education. Professor Frye received her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois and has been a member of the department staff since 1954.

April 1, Jerry Van Meter, Specialist in Outdoor Recreation Resource Development, ORPR, joined the staff of the Illinois State Department of Conservation as Chief, Systems Planning and Research. Mr. Van Meter has been a member of the Cooperative Extension Division and the ORPR staff since 1966. He has developed a number of publications including Master Plans for Park Sites and Planning County Park and Recreation Systems. Mr. Van Meter is completing his Ph.D. degree and has initiated a number of studies related to Policy Planning and Research in his new position in the State Department of Conservation.

Clarence E. Dade, Jr., has served as Principal Investigator and Workshop Director, Roving Leader Training Guide project, ORPR for the past two years. Mr. Dade has personal experience in Washington, D.C. as a Roving Leader and as Director of the Robert Kennedy Playground. In September 1970, he will join the staff of Professor George Frampton.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 146 September/October 1970

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