Senate confirmations
Robert H. Allphin, director of revenue; Ralph F. Batch, superintendent of state lottery; Roland W. Burris, director of general services; Charles T. Cartwright, Jr., assistant director of revenue; Anthony T. Dean, director of conservation; Frank A. Kirk, director of local government affairs; Edwin M. Levin, Jr., assistant director of local government affairs; Joseph P. Pisciotte, director of business and economic development; Allyn R. Sielaff, director of corrections; Raymond R. Tillman, assistant director of registration and education; and Ronald E. Stackler, director of registration and education, all by the Senate on May 14. Stackler's appointment had been opposed by the Senate Executive Committee and on the roll call he received 34 yeas, 13 nays, and 2 voting present.

Confirmed by the Senate on June 4 were Mary Lee Leahy, director of children and family services; Paul King, manager of the State Fair; Dr. Joyce Lashoff, director of public health; and LeRoy Levitt, director of mental health.

Leonard D. Schaeffer, Springfield, by the governor as director of the Bureau of the Budget. He had been the deputy director for management of the Department of Mental Health, and previously was a management consultant for Arthur Anderson & Co , and vice president and chief operations officer with an investment banking Firm in Chicago He has a degree in economics from Princeton University.

William E. Jones, Chicago, by the governor as assistant director of the Department of Labor. Active in the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers union (UAW) since 1941, he was director of the UAW Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Program, finding jobs for the unemployed in connection with the Chicago Model Cities Program. He is the first Black labor leader named to this state position.

Archie R. Boe, Franklin A. Cole, Robert Eisner, Harold E. Shapiro and Robert G. F. Spitze, as the members of the new Council of Economic Advisors created by the governor. Boe is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Allstate Insurance Companies and Allstate Enterprises. Cole is chairman of the board of Walter E Heller & Company. Eisner is a professor of economics and chairman of the department of economics at Northwestern University. Shapiro is a partner in a Chicago law firm and a lecturer in business law at Northwestern University Law School. Spitze is a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Illinois.

A.D. Van Meter, Jr., Springfield, to the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees, by the governor. He is president and director of the Illinois National Bank of Springfield, a law partner in the firm of Van Meter Oxtoby & Funk, and is vice chairman of the State Investment Board.

Michael Linderman, Chicago, as executive director of the Illinois Bicentennial Commission replacing Dr Samuel Lilly. Formerly he headed the tourism division of the Department of Business and Economic Development.

Doug Whitley as director of the National Student Lobby in Washington, D.C. Whitley had been the executive director of the Association of Illinois Student Governments, Springfield. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (see July, page 214).

Thomas Howard as administrator of the licensing section of the Department of Children and Family Services, by director Leahy. He was the chief technical advisor for the Illinois Department of Registration and Education.

Kathryn J. Gesterfield as director of the Illinois State Library by Secretary of State Michael J Howlett. She had been acting director and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Library Science, University of Denver, and the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library Science.

Bruce Johnson, Springfield, by Speaker William Redmond, as assistant director of the House Democratic staff. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois.

Mrs. Roalda J. "Jenny" Alderman, Oak Park. as the first superintendent of the division of alcoholism, Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities by Director Levitt.

Jordan J. Canzone, Chicago, by Director Allphin as departmental liaison for the Illinois Department of Revenue with senior citizens' groups in the Chicago area.

Fred Finkbeiner, Joliet, by Director Sielaff as warden of the Pontiac Correctional Center. He has been warden of the Joliet Center since December and has also served as operations consultant to the Illinois Department of Corrections and as chief Jail officer at the Cook County Jail.

Ernest E. Morris, as warden of the Joliet Correctional Center replacing Finkbeiner. Morris is a 21-year employee of the Department of Corrections.

Samuel W. Witwer of Chicago was presented the Regents' Award of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois by Gov. Dan Walker on June 7. The award is presented to those who in the Academy's opinion exemplify the ideals and achievements of Abraham Lincoln. Witwer, a private attorney in Chicago, was president of the Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School (J. D. ) and holds an LL. D. from Simpson College.

Franklin Dove, 93. died June 25 at his home in Shelbyville. Dove was elected to the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court in 1921 and held that post until 1971. He also served as an Appellate Court Judge from 1933 to 1964.

T. Mac Downing, Macomb, died June 2 in McDonough District Hospital. Downing served in the General Assembly for 30 years before he retired in 1964. He served in both the House and Senate representing Western Illinois districts and was chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee for many years.

State Reps. Walter (Babe) McAvoy and John Wall, both Chicago Republicans, and Barney Grabiec, former state labor director, were indicted in May by a federal grand Jury in Chicago. Wall's son Gerald was also indicted. All were charged with extortion. The extortion offenses were alleged to have occurred in April and October of 1971, connected with the labor department's program to find jobs for Vietnam veterans through private employment agencies. €

"In a democracy it is the right of the people to alter their government, yet I know that many people feel this is impossible. "
Gov. Dan Walker, speaking at a seminar on law education and criminal justice in St Charles.

"Writing a new mental health code is a lot like baking a cake. It takes just as long as it takes—if you want it to turn out right. "
Mental Health Department Director LeRoy Levitt.

"God gave everybody hair, all of us who believe in equal rights should vote for it. "
Rep Donald Deuster (R . Mundelein). arguing for a bill to give beauty culturists the right to cut customers' hair.

"The building of the Crosstown [proposed Chicago expressway] would create about 10,000 construction jobs in the Chicago area.... If Walker wants to find jobs for the people, why won't he support the Crosstown?"
House majority leader Rep Gerald Shea (D, Chicago).

"Unemployment transcends every other issue in our country.... We must put our people to work. If the private sector doesn't do it, the federal government has the obligation to do it.... I never met anyone on welfare who wouldn't rather have a decent job. "
Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley.

August 1975/Illinois Issues/253

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