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TORO ADDS MEDIUM-CAPACITY ROTARY TO GROUNDS-MASTER LINE ... The Grounds-master 52® is the latest of the new breed of Toro riding mowers, capable of providing a full grounds maintenance system, to be intorduced by the Toro Company. Like its bigger brother, the four-year-old Groundsmaster 72®, the 52 has exceptional versatility. It can mow over three acres an hour in open areas, traveling at 6 mph; turn tightly enough to trim around fence posts or small trees. The offset design of its cutting deck not only gives the operator an unimpeded view but permits him to trim under overhanging branches and shrubs and as close as an inch to trees or other obstacles.

The Groundsmaster 72 proved popular on large turf areas such as parks, golf courses and government installations. The 52 is expected to make its way rapidly onto the lawns of schools, cemeteries, apartment complexes and industrial plants. Contact: Toro, 731 District Dr., Itaska, IL 60143.


NEW SCULPTERED DOME HIGH POPCORN POPPERS . . . Gold Medal Products Company, world's largest manufacturer of Popcorn Machines, introduces vastly improved 1976 Models in five kettle capacities: 8 ounce, 12 ounce, 14 ounce, 16 ounce, and 20 ounce. All machines feature PPG's new Herculite, a virtually unbreakable, tempered safety plate glass. All machines have new type, more dependable, thermostats. Both the 8 ounce POP-A-LOT and the 12 ounce WHIZ BANG now have "Dual" Korn Fresheners—strip heaters, freshening the corn below and infra red heat freshening the corn from above to insure "kettle crispness" at all times.

Deluxe Models (Astro, Citation, Deluxe Whiz Bang's) feature new forced hot air corn freshener. Domes on units are now illuminated to attract attention instantly. Kettles are now all polished for easier cleaning. All models now feature twin kettle suspension to eliminate accidental kettle tripping for greater safety. Newer, heavier switches help insure longer life. U.L. and N.S.F. approved. Astro, Deluxe Citation, Antique Whiz Bang feature automatic oil delivery system. Contact: Gold Medal, 4004 Tugwell Dr., Franklin Park, IL 60131.


THE LATEST IN THE LINE OF ZAMBONI® ICE RESURFACERS is the Model JRD. On a smaller scale, the JRD incorporates all of the features of its larger counterpart, the Model HDB, and is capable of dumping its 55 cubic feet of snow in similar fashion. The machine has a galvanized ice making water tank of 120 gallons and also features the important wash water system for providing an attractive ice finish.

Powered by a 48 h.p. Volkswagen 126 Industrial Engine, the hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic pump are directly driven from the engine. The power package is easily accessible with the dump tank raised. With a standard 66" shaving blade, the JRD was designed primarily for studio size rinks on up to 10,000 square feet. Contact: Zamboni, 15714 Colorado Ave., Paramount. Calif. 90723.


GOLLEHON, SCHEMMER& ASSOCIATES, INC. offers a new service in the design of heated swimming pools and indoor recreation facilities which utilize solar energy. Services include feasibility analysis, cost benefit ratio, planning and design.

They are also involved in the design of unique, natural swimming facilities for outdoor environmental discovery and recreation centers. The firm also offers the new service of application engineering for larger park and recreation maintenance facilities. Contact: Suite 509-Northwest Tower, Davenport, Iowa 52806.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 28 September/October, 1976

TO MEET THE DATA PROCESSING NEEDS of park districts and recreation departments scattered throughout Illinois, AIMS (Anderson Information & Management Systems) introduces its MINI and MAXI accounting packages.

The MINI meets the needs of the smaller agency while the MAXI provides a totally automated book-keeping system for the large and medium-sized park districts and recreation departments.

All necessary record keeping can now be automated at a far lesser cost than even a part-time bookkeeper. Some of the capabilities of the MINI package include: budget reports, general ledger, check register, voucher register and an annual treasurer's report.

For more information on these very specialized accounting systems contact: Director of Marketing, AIMS, 2425 Wisconsin Avenue. Downers Grove, Illinois 60515.


PORTABEEACHERS, a new line of transportable spectator seating, will allow any agency to provide safe, quality seating service at low cost. Portableachers are available in 40', 30', and 20' models, and are delivered ready for use with no installation cost.

Any standard pick-up or vehicle can pull the Portableacher unit. Each unit has electric brakes and optional built-in or portable rear lights. Units are constructed on heavy-duty trailer frames, and can be pulled easily and safely on streets and freeways at traffic speeds.

Portableachers are easy to set up and are load test approved. Each unit is certified to support 140 pounds per square foot of live load which is 40% greater than the acceptable standard. Portableachers save money due to reduced labor costs, and can provide seating for several different events in one day.

Portableachers are constructed of quality materials to give long maintenance-free service. For full details contact: Howard L. White & Associates, Inc., 1670 S. River Rd., Des Plaines, Illinois 60018.


A new Government technical manual on PLANNING AND DESIGN OF OUTDOOR SPORTS FACILITIES has been prepared by McFadzean and Everly, Ltd., and published by the Office of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Department of the Army. This illustrated manual contains a series of original layout diagrams, design criteria, and construction details for over 50 outdoor sports courts and fields, track and field events, multiple sports areas, and recreation shooting ranges for men, women, and youth. It includes outdoor sports and games played for competition and/or recreation in latest playing rules of amateur sports governing bodies.

The sports facilities manual was prepared under contract with the Office of the Chief of Engineers by McFadzean and Everly, Ltd., as a joint undertaking of the engineering and sports elements of the military departments, with the assistance of recreation specialists in the U. S. Agricultural Extension Service, U. S. Soil Conservation Service, and National Recreation and Parks Association.

The manual is available for $35.00 from the Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. 20402, Stock Number 008-020-00588-6.


GAME TIME TRANSFORMS PLAYGROUND SWING . . . Design engineers at Game Time, Inc., have transformed the swing. In place of traditional playground swings, hung side by side from a straight toprail, each of them traveling a lonely, monotonous course, there is now the Atom Splitter Swing.

This new version has a circular toprail and five interacting swings, all facing inward toward the center where a huge air-filled ball hands suspended by a chain. It owes its name-Atom Splitter—to its resemblance to a charged-particle accelerator.

Game Time calls the transformation the swing has undergone "imagineering," the company's formula for mixing the excitement of imaginative play with the advantages of excellent engineering—safety, durability and low maintenance.

The swing unit requires 30 feet (diameter) of ground space, is 11 feet high overall and weighs 923 pounds. It has a two-inch toprail with two-inch legs and braces, all of galvanized steel pipe construction.

The swing hangers, of galvanized chain with minimum tensile strength of 1,000 pounds, are fitted with cut-proof belt seats. Like all of Game Time's playground equipment, the Atom Splitter Swing is certified by a leading independent testing laboratory to comply with safety standards developed for recreational equipment for use in public parks and playgrounds.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 29 September/October, 1976

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