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From the desk of:

Executive Vice President

By Eugene Berghoff

Has your district received Federal Revenue Sharing Funds from a municipality or township?

More and more districts have been reporting that they have received such funds by presenting a project that will benefit all residents of the community and township. But, at the same time we have discovered that a great many park districts have not contacted township or municipal officials requesting financial grants.

Inter governmental cooperation at the local level can provide facilities or programs at the least cost to the taxpayer.

Recreation is one of the spending categories for Federal Revenue Sharing Funds, and if properly presented park districts could receive funds necessary to meet current demands.

I would recommend to any board that they establish a project, make a formal presentation to your township or municipal governing body, and we feel that a large majority of the requests would be approved.

If you need assistance we urge that you contact this office so that an effective working agreement can be reached by all units of local government.

With the spirit of '76, let's develop a responsible local inter-governmental cooperation program.


IAPD and IPRS believe that the democratic process functions best through frank and open discussion. Materials published in this magazine, therefore often presents divergent and controversial points of view which do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the two sponsoring organizations.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 3 January/February, 1976

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