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By Kay Kastel Forest,

Once again the Annual Conference was a tremendous success. The committees of both IPRS and IAPD worked very hard under the chairmanship of Jack Claes and Al Weissburg to present a quality program.

Attendance at the conference approached the 1900 mark and the number of educational sessions was well over 70. There were also 40 educational and 70 commercial exhibits. This conference would not be possible without the dedication of the professionals and lay board members who work hand in hand to produce the best program of its kind in the country. You, the members, should be proud that you are part of the association or society and can reap their excellent benefits.

In a recent issue the dates and place for the 1976 Conference were announced. Due to complications, these are not yet final. Exact location and dates for the 1976 Illinois conference will be published in the March/April issue of the magazine.

During January a team of Task Force members will be traveling around the state to hold special forums to discuss the Task Force Report. It is hoped that all members of IPRS attend one, or more, of these sessions. We need your ideas on the reorganization of IPRS now, not six months from now when it will be too late. The IPRS Board and Committees need your input. Attend one of the Forums.

Committees were approved at the last IPRS Board Meeting. You will be learning more about their activities in an upcoming issue. The Board also approved meeting dates and ask that the membership be made aware that anyone is invited to attend and participate in IPRS Board Meetings. Sometimes it is difficult for the 18 people who sit on the Board to know the feelings of 1300 members. That's why you should try to attend or contact one of the Board with your ideas. The dates are tentatively set for February 6, March 8, April 8, and May 4. For exact time and locations contact the IPRS office.

Anyone who has not paid dues for 1976 will be deleted from all files on January 15th. See you next month!

Illinois Parks and Recreation 3 January/February, 1976

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