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From the desk of:

Executive Vice President

By Eugene Berghoff

The Federal Highway Administration has launched a six million dollar bikeway demonstration project. The final guidelines have not been adopted for the project which will spread the six million dollars allocated among a series of projects to be selected in Washington among the 50 states.

The funding of this program is on a matching basis, 80 percent Federal and 20 percent local.

The Illinois Department of Transportation will not be participating financially in the program, however, counselling that the applicant may require to develop a proposal may be available.

The demonstration project is aimed at promoting the use of bicycles as an alternate transportation method by commuters, as well as for recreation. Money from the program could not be used for building bikeways in rural areas.

The local agency will be required to prepare the proposal, provide resident engineers, conduct an evaluation of the project, including a final report and maintain the facility after it is constructed.

After proprosals are submitted all applications will be reviewed by the Federal Highway Administration with final approval coming from the agency.

All urban areas have the opportunity to participate in this program including park, forest preserve and conservation districts.

We would suggest that you contact your Illinois district transportation office or the Illinois Department of Transportation, Highway Administration building, Springfield, Illinois 62706, for further information.

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Illinois Parks and Recreation 3 July/August, 1976

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