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Dear Editor:

I enjoyed a day at the Illinois State Fair on Saturday, August 14, 1976, which was Local Officials Day. A good opportunity for more Commissioners and their families to be able to attend would be to offer a chartered bus trip. This applies throughout the State. However, I would be interested in knowing the response in the Chicago Suburban Area.

I would expect a fee of about $10.00. Please let me know at Elmhurst Park District, Wilder Park, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126, if you would be interested in this proposal for next year.

Thank You,

Norman P. Smally, Commissioner Elmhurst Park District


Dear Editor:

I want to commend the Illinois Association of Park Districts and park district officials for the outstanding work they are doing to enhance and improve the recreational activities of our millions of citizens.

For many years, I have enjoyed a good working relationship with Eugene Berghoff, Robert A. Stuart, Sr., and your high-minded lobby organization. Unlike many lobbies which are furthering their own private profit-oriented interests, you are interested solely in improving the leisure and recreational programs in your respective communities.

Parks offer such a wide variety of activities to so many people—the young, the elderly and all other citizens. You cover the entire recreational spectrum: Swimming, tennis, games and equipment for the very young, concerts, picnic facilities and a pleasant, idyllic havens amid the concrete and steel of the cities.

I wish you continued success in your efforts to acquire and develop as much open space as possible, an assignment which becomes more and more important with each passing year.


Cecil A. Partee
State Senator
26th District

Illinois Parks and Recreation 14 November/December, 1976

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