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Candidates for Illinois Senate

Following is a list of all candidates by district for the Illinois State Senate in the November election. Along with each candidate's name is his or her party affiliation, hometown, prime legislative goal and stand on the Equal Rights Amendment. The names of incumbent senators preceded by the title "Sen."; and the names of candidates who are currently members of the House of Representatives are preceded by the title "Rep."

1st District

Cathleen Quinn O'Rourke (D., Glencoe)
No response. ERA Yes

Rep. Roger A. Keats (R., Wilmette)
Improving the business climate. ERA No

2nd District

Larry D.Wegman (D., Hoff man Estates)
Passing open primary legislation. ERA no response

Sen. John A. Graham (R., Barrington)
Passing intensive care and paramedic legislation. ERA No

4th District

Samuel S. Berger (D., Skokie)
Funding education. ERA Yes

Sen. John J. Nimrod (R., Glenview)
Tax relief. ERA No

5th District

William J. Francione (D., Stone Park)
Cutting mandated programs. ERA Yes

Sen. Richard A. Walsh (R., River Forest)
Tax relief. ERA No

7th District

Thomas M. Geovanis (D., Berwyn)
Tax relief. ERA Yes

Leonard F. Becker (R., Cicero)
Stimulating new industry. ERA undecided

8th District

Anthony Vacco (D., Evergreen Park)
No response to the survey.

Sen. Frank M. Ozinga (R., Evergreen Park)
Holding down taxes. ERA No

10th District

Sen. Robert T. Lane (D., Chicago Heights)
Funding education. ERA Yes

Aldo A. DeAngelis (R., Olympia Fields)
Reviewing public policy. ERA Yes

11th District

Sen. Arthur L. Berman (D., Chicago)
No response. ERA Yes

Timothy E. Drake (R., Chicago)
No response to the survey.

13th District

Sen. Dawn Clark Netsch (D., Chicago)
No response. ERA Yes

Robert K. Hall (R., Chicago)
Improving the business climate. ERA Yes

14th District

Sen. Hugh Ziomek (D., Chicago)
Passing environmental protection legislation. ERA undecided

Gloria D. Ernst (R., Chicago)
No response to the survey.

16th District

Sen. Robert J. Egan (D., Chicago)
Passing anti-crime legislation. ERA undecided

William K. Dammeier (R., Norridge)
Real estate tax relief. ERA No

17th District

Steven G. Nash (D., Chicago)
Tax relief. ERA Yes

John W. Peternard (R., Chicago)
Passing anti-crime legislation. ERA Yes

19th District

Edward A. Nedza (D., Chicago)
No response to the survey.

20th District

Sen. John A. D'Arco, Jr. (D., Chicago)
Good legislative performance. ERA Yes

22nd District

Rep. James A. McLendon (D., Chicago)
Relieving unemployment. ERA Yes

23rd District

Sen. Richard M. Daley (D., Chicago)
Reviewing the mental health code. ERA Yes

25th District

Sen. LeRoy W. Lemke (D., Chicago)
Good legislative performance. ERA abstain

Daniel J. Partyka (R., Chicago)
Working for a fair reapportionment. ERA Yes

26th District

Sen. Harold Washington (D., Chicago)
Developing the economy of the inner cities. ERA Yes

28th District

Jeremiah E. Joyce (D., Chicago)
No response to the survey.

Gerald F. Maher (R., Chicago)
Working for merit selection of judges. ERA Yes

29th District

Sen. Charles Chew, Jr. (D., Chicago)
Cutting legislative spending. ERA Yes

GOP will again seats in Senate -- but not enough

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Senate Candidates
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31st District

Sen. Larry Leonard (D., Waukegan)
Improving the economy. ERA Yes

Rep. Adeline Jay Geo-Karis (R., Zion)
Increasing energy production. ERA Yes

32nd District

Walter R. Nathan (D., Highland Park)
Passing sunset legislation. ERA Yes

Sen. Karl Berning (R., Deerfield)
Increasing funds for deaf education. ERA Yes

34th District

Frank M. Parrino (D., Rockford)
District improvements. ERA Yes

Rep. Lynn Martin (R., Rockford)
District improvements. ERA Yes

35th District

James Gitz (D., Freeport)
Promoting confidence in government. ERA Yes

Sen. John B. Roe (R., Rochelle)
Passing lobbyist economic disclosure legislation. ERA Yes

37th District

Coe E. Mechling (D., Buda)
Stimulating new business. ERA Yes

Sen. David C. Shapiro (R., Amboy)
Balancing the budget. ERA No

38th District

John P. Quillin (D., Seneca)
Reviewing all appropriations. ERA No

Sen. John E. Grotberg (R., St. Charles)
Strengthening local government. ERA Yes

40th District

Daniel Casey (D., Lombard)
Restructuring the property tax system. ERA Yes

Sen. James Philip (R., Elmhurst)
Funding the state highway program. ERA No

41st District

Donald R. Lomasney, Jr. (D., Wheaton)
Changing the system of local taxation. ERA Yes

Sen. Jack E. Bowers (R., Downers Grove)
Reallocating the property tax. ERA Yes

43rd District

Sen. Jerome J. Joyce (D., Reddick)
Gaining homestead exemptions for senior citizens. ERA No

L. Patrick Power (R., Manteno)
Passing farm legislation. ERA No

44th District

Carol Reitan (D., Normal)
Reforming the budget. ERA Yes

John W. Maitland, Jr. (R., Bloomington)
Revising worker's compensation laws. ERA No

46th District

Mary E. Harkrader (D., Peoria)
Cutting the amount of legislation. ERA Yes

Sen. Prescott E. Bloom (R., Peoria)
Passing lobbyist disclosure legislation. ERA No

47th District

Kathryn Harris (D., Macomb)
District improvements. ERA Yes

Sen. Kenneth G. McMillan (R., Bushnell)
No response. ERA No

49th District

Sen. Vince Demuzio (D., Carlinville)
Insuring proper disposal of hazardous wastes. ERA Yes

Milton L. Hocking (R., Jacksonville)
Cutting the amount of legislation. ERA No

50th District

Timothy S. McAnarney (D., Springfield)
Passing complete campaign disclosure legislation. ERA Yes

Sen. John A. Davidson (R., Springfield)
Balancing the budget. ERA No

52nd District

Amy Kummerow (D., Urbana)
[write-in candidate]

Sen. Stanley B. Weaver (R., Urbana)
Fiscal management. ERA Yes

53rd District

Allan Keith, Jr. (D., Mattoon)
Passing open primary legislation. ERA Yes

Sen. Max E. Coffey (R., Charleston)
Balancing the budget. ERA No

55th District

Sen. James H. Donnewald (D., Breese)
Holding down state spending. ERA No

Jack Brown (R., O'Fallon)
[write-in candidate]

56th District

Sen. Sam M. Vadalabene (D., Edwardsville)
Tax relief. ERA No

Gladys Levis (R., Alton)
[write-in candidate]

58th District

Sen. Kenneth Von Buzbee (D., Makanda)
Revising the fiscal management system. ERA Yes

Herschel Kasten (R., Hoyleton)
[write-in candidate]

59th District

Sen. Gene Johns (D., Marion)
Instituting a coal severance tax. ERA No

George A. Williams (R., Marion)
Reducing or abolishing the personal property tax. ERA No

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