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Downstate candidates for Illinois House

Following is a list of candidates running for the Illinois House of Representatives in the November election in districts 31-59. (Candidates running in districts 1-30 were listed in the September magazine.) Along with each candidate's name is his or her party affiliation, hometown, prime legislative goal and stand on the Equal Rights Amendment. The names of incumbent state representatives are preceded by the title "Rep."

31st District
Rep. John S. Matijevich (D., North Chicago)
Tax relief ami cutting adminstrative waste. ERA Yes

Greg Snow (D. Zion)
Giving people good representation. ERA Yes

Virginia E. Fiester (R., Lake Forest)
Limit budget and control tax burden. ERA Yes

Rep. Ronald E. Griesheimer (R., Waukegan)
Improve business climate in state. ERA No 32nd District

Rep. Daniel M. Pierce (D.. Highland Park)
Property tax reform through expanded circuit breaker and ban on throw-away cans. ERA Yes

Don Neal (D., Waukegan)
Open primary and tax reform. ERA Yes

Rep. Donald E. Deuster (R. Mundelein)
No response to survey

Rep. Betty Lou Reed (R., Deerfield)
No response to survey.

33rd District
Elyse M. Roberts (D., Crystal Lake)
Prison reform and welfare fraud control. ERA Yes

Rep. Thomas J. Hanahan (D., McHenry)
Collective bargaining. ERA No

Rep. Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. (R. Woodstock)
Tax reform. ERA Yes

Rep. R. Bruce Waddell (R., Dundee)
Conservatively, well-balanced state government. ERA No

34th District
Rep. E.J. "Zeke" Giorgi (D., Rockford)
Property tax reform and containment of size of government. ERA Yes

Franklin D. Walker (D., Rockford)
Eliminate sales tax on food and drugs. ERA Yes

John W. Hallock, Jr. (R., Rockford)
More dollars for education. ERA Yes

Rep. W.Timothy Simms (R., Rockford)
Balance budget and control spending. ERA No

35th District
Rep. Robert E. Brinkmeier (D., Freeport)
Better local school funding without heavy reliance on local property taxes. ERA Would poll voters (Has voted Yes)

Rep. Richard T. Mulcahey (D., Durand)
Open primary and welfare reform. ERA Yes

Rep. Harlan Rigney (R., Freeport)
Prevent grain elevator failures.ERA No

36th District
Rep. Clarence A. Darrow (D., Rock Island)
No response to survey.

Rep. Oral Jacobs (D., Moline)
Public conservation work program. ERA No

Rep. Ben Polk (R., Moline)
Hold line on taxes and mandated programs. ERA Yes

Timothy A. Bell (R., Moline)
Property tax relief for low income and senior citizens. ERA Yes

37th District
Rep. Richard A. Mautino (D.. Spring Valley) Better business climate. ERA Yes

William D. Coffey (D., Kewanee)
No response to survey.

Rep. Joseph B. Ebbesen (R., DeKalb)
To be a good legislator. ERA Yes

Rep. Calvin W. Schuneroan (R. Prophetstown)
Limit taxes. ERA No

38th District
Rep. Peg McDonnell Breslin (D., Serena)
Provide-good-services with no tax raise. ERA Yes

James M. Riccolo (D., Dwight)
No response to survey.

Rep. Thomas W. Ewing (R.. Pontiac)
Hold line on government growth and cut costs to give meaningful tax relief. ERA No

Rep. Betty J. Hoxsey (R., Ottawa)
Balanced budget. ERA No

39th District
Thomas J. Hannon (D., Shorewood)
Be of service to constituency. ERA Yes

October 1978/Illinois Issues/9

Rep. Lawrence Murphy (D., Aurora)
Cut government spending. ERA Yes

Rep. William L. Kempiners (R., Joliet)
Criminal justice. ERA Yes

Rep. Allan L. Schoeberlein (R., Aurora)
Economy. ERA No

40th District
Rep. William A. Redmond (D., Bensenville)
Issues important to district, especially education. ERA Yes

Patricia Fitzpatrick (D., Lombard) Establish legislative committee system to work with Illinois Congressional delegation. ERA Yes

Rep. Lee A. Daniels (R., Elmhurst)
No response to survey.

Rep. Gene L. Hoffman (R., Elmhurst)
No response to survey.

41st District
Rep. J. Glenn Schneider (D., Naperville)
Education. ERA Yes

Claudia Taylor (D., Wheaton)
Later primary date. ERA Yes

Rep. George "Ray" Hudson (R., Hinsdale)
No response to survey.

Rep. Giddy Dyer (R., Hinsdale)
ERA ratification.

42nd District
Rep. LeRoy Van Duyne (D., Joliet)
Enlarge Illinois medical schools. ERA Yes

Joseph R. Trizna (D., Joliet)
Filed too late for survey

Rep. Jack D. Davis (R., Beecher)
Continuation of conservative programs. ERA No

Rep. Harry D. Leinenweber (R., Joliet)
No response to survey.

43rd District
John A. Andrzejewski (D., Herscher)
No response to survey.

Rep. Ray A. Christensen (D., Morris)
Local tax relief and full school funding. ERA Yes last time

Rep. Edward McBroom(R., Kankakee)
Give full service to district. ERA No

Rep. George Ryan (R., Kankakee)
Avoid a tax increase. ERA No

44th District
Rep. Gerald A. Bradley (D., Bloomington)
Change school aid formula. ERA No

Paul R. Segobiano (D., Bloomington)
Cut taxes. ERA Undecided

Gordon L. Ropp (R., Normal)
Reduce government spending. ERA No

Rep. Sam Vinson (R., Clinton)
No response to survey

45th District
George A. Saal, Jr. (D., Pekin)
Scrap equalizer formula. ERA No

Rep. James Von Boeckman (D., Pekin)
Full education funding and property tax relief. ERA No

Rep. Donald B. Anderson (R., Peru)
Control state spending to avoid tax increase. ERA Yes

John C. Ackerman (R., Morton)
Hold line on spending, increase program efficiency. ERA No

46th District
Rep. Joseph C. Mudd (D., Peoria)
District improvements. ERA Yes

Fred J. Schraeder (D., Peoria)
Limit state spending constitutionally. ERA No

Rep. Mary Lou Sumner (R., Dunlap)
Help people understand the laws. ERA No

Rep. Fred J. Tuerk (R., Peoria)
Hold spending to match revenue and balance budget. ERA No

47th District
Rep. Samuel M. McGrew (D., Galesburg)
Find alternative to resource equalizer. ERA Yes

Rep. Tom McMaster (R., Oneda)
Agriculture land reclamation standards ERA No

Rep. Clarence E. Neff (R.,Stronghurst)
Hold down taxes. ERA No

48th District
Rep. Michael F. McClain (D.,Quincy)
District highways. ERA Yes

Rep. Gale Schisler (D., London Mills)
Watch state spending. ERA No

Joseph A. Bartlow (R., Rushville)
Improve business climate and reduce taxes and welfare. ERA No

Rep. Mary Lou Kent (R., Quincy)
Improve business climate. ERA No

49th District
Gary Hannig (D., Mount Olive)
Property tax reform and reduction. ERA No

Rep. John F. Sharp (D., Staunton)
Develop an equitable school funding formula. ERA Yes

Rep. A. C. "Junie" Bartulis (R., Benld)
Sunset legislation. ERA No

Rep. Jim Reilly (R., Jacksonville)
Reform legislative budget process. ERA Yes

50th District
Rep. David L. Robinson (D., Springfield)
Open primary. ERA Yes

10/October 1978/Illinois Issues

Rep. Douglas N. Kane (D., Springfield)
School aid formula change. ERA Yes

Rep. J. David Jones (R., Springfield)
Good legislative performance. ERA No

Josephine K. Oblinger (R., Sherman)
No response to survey.

51st District
Rep. John F. Dunn (D., Decatur)
Jail funding. ERA Yes

B. T. "Tim" Donovan, Jr. (D.. Decatur)
No response to survey.

Rep. Allen F. Bennett (R., Decatur)
Adequate representation of people. ERA No

Webber Borchers (R., Decatur)
No response to survey.

52nd District
Rep. Helen F. Satterthwaite (D., Urbana)
Represent district. ERA Yes

Anna Wall Scott (D., Urbana)
No response to survey

Rep. Timothy V. Johnson (R., Urbana)
Refine criminal justice system. ERA No

Rep. Virgil C. Wikoff (R., Champaign)
Improve business climate of state. ERA No

53rd District
Rep. Larry R. Stuffle (D., Charleston)
Restructure school aid. ERA Yes

Neil R. Young (D., Danville)
Ban nuclear waste dumping in state. ERA Yes

Rep. Charles M. Campbell (R., Danville)
No response to survey.

Rep. Jim Edgar (R., Charleston)
Local tax reform. ERA Yes

54th District
Rep. Richard H. Brummer (D., Effingham)
Local property tax relief. ERA No

Rep. Robert V. Walsh (D., Mt. Vernon)
Hold down inflation and increase efficiency. ERA No answer

Glen L. Bower (R., Effingham)
Balance budget without tax increase. ERA No

Clyde W. Robbins (R., Fairfield)
Abolish unneeded regulations. ERA No

55th District
Gary Garrison (D., Centralia)
No response to survey.

Mike Slape (D., Pocahontas)
Improve economic picture for Illinois. ERA No

Frank C. Watson (R., Greenville)
Increase private sector jobs in district. ERA No

Rep. Dwight P. Friedrich (R., Centralia)
Refused to answer survey questions.

56th District
Rep. Jim McPike (D.. Alton)
Serve on legislative committees. ERA Yes

Sam W. Wolf (D., Granite City)
Tax reform. ERA Yes

Rep. Everett G. Steele (R., Glen Carbon)
Hold line on spending and improve services. ERA No

Janet Wilson (R., Granite City)
No response to survey.

Rep. Joe E. Lucco (C.F.L. 1, Edwardsville)
Make tax system more equitable. ERA Yes

John C. Boushard (C.F.L.1, Venice) Not contacted, filed late.

Herman D. Edwards (C.F.L.1, Alton)
Not contacted, filed late.

57th District
Rep. Monroe L. Flinn (D., Cahokia)
Lessen government and increase efficiency. ERA No

Rep. Wyvetter H. Younge (D., East St. Louis)
Develop economy of southern Illinois. ERA Yes

Rep. Celeste M. Stiehl (R., Belleville)
Reorganization of state government. ERA Yes

58th District
Rep. Vincent A. Birchler (D., Chester)
Review cost of legislation on district and state. ERA No

Rep. Bruce Richmond (D., Murphysboro)
Road improvements. ERA Yes

Rep. Ralph Dunn (R., DuQuoin)
Severance tax on exported coal. ERA Yes

Wayne Atstat (R., Vergennes)
Cut property taxes. ERA No in present form

59th District
Rep. William L. Harris (D., Marion)
No response to survey.

James F. Rea (D., Christopher)
No response to survey.

Rep. Robert C. Winchester (R., Rosiclare)
No response to survey.

James E. Fatherly (R., Galatia)
No response to survey.

1 Citizens for Lucco Party

Upstate House candidates are in September

October 1978/ Illinois Issues/11

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