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Historical Tamms Depot
Tamms Depot

The Village of Tamms in Alexander County acquired the abandoned 1899 Village Depot and in 1983 started it's restoration using strictly local funds mostly donations from railroad buffs. The job was finished some three years later in 1986 and the Village moved the Village Hall into the structure.

The historical Tamms Depot stands beautifully attired to remind one and all that Tamms, founded by Oscar T. Tamm, was originally a bustling little railroad town. Constructed in the year 1899, the depot was the local community meeting place of residents, tourists and guests alike until the passenger line was abandoned around 1955. From 1899 through the mid 50's the depot played an important role in the development of Tamms. From its early inception, the depot handled a large amount of freight and passenger traffic. In its hey day the railroad employed over 150 people in Tamms. Used only sparingly from 1955 through 1971 the depot suffered extensive deterioration through 1982. Restoration of the depot was begun by the Village of Tamms in 1983 and was completed in the summer of 1986. Shortly thereafter the depot was added to the National Register of Historical Buildings. Only memories and the sturdy little depot stand as a reminder of a fascinating historical past. It is the last tangible resource and tourist attraction, beautifully preserved, left in Tamms from a bygone era at the turn of the century.

Page 24 / Illinois Municipal Review / February 1987

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