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Howard corrects himself on Thompson

Editor: My apologies to Gov. James R. Thompson and to the readers of Mostly Good and Competent Men: Illinois Governors 1818-1988 for an error that was my fault.

On page 335 it says that the governor did not support Ronald Reagan in the 1980 and 1984 preferential primaries. The correct dates are 1976 and 1980, which I knew all along. This will be corrected in a second printing.

In 1976, his first campaign, Thompson supported President Gerald R. Ford for nomination and was Ford's Illinois campaign manager. In 1980 Thompson was neutral in the primary. Thereafter and in 1984, he supported Ronald Reagan and managed Reagan's campaigns both years. In all three presidential elections, Illinois went Republican.

Robert P. Howard
Wynnewood, Pa.

And the winner is. . .

Readers: Bob Astroth garnered the grand prize in the Illinois Issues' subscriber sedulousness survey. Careful reading by the superintendent of Central Community High School District 71 in Breese earns him a coveted combination clock-business card holder-paperweight embossed with the Illinois Issues logo and a cup of coffee from the editor anytime he drops in at the office. Astroth was the first eligible reader to tell us that in the August/September magazine's ad for the book, Mostly Good and Competent Men, the governors stood left to right and the caption read right to left. Advertising Director David Anthony Wayman says the picture was intentionally flopped for the test. Wayman is also selling Arizona coastline. Earning honorable mention, but no prizes because of their associations with the magazine and Sangamon State University, were James M. Banovetz, Brent De Land and Frank Thomalla.

The editors

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November 1988 | Illinois Issues | 9

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