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Take Time For Fun® Program takes an exciting direction

In 1989, the Joint Public Awareness Committee kicked-off a statewide marketing campaign, the Take Time For Fun!® program. Now, more than 140 park districts and recreation agencies have joined and have discovered the many advantages of belonging to the Take Time For Fun!® program.

The impact of the program will be even more intense and exciting as MDM Group, Ltd., a Chicago-based marketing firm headed by Mickey Markoff, will take the Take Time For Fun!® program to new heights.

Markoff and his professional staff will solicit corporate sponsorships for Take Time For Fun!® activities that will be held at various member agencies throughout the state.

Why is it necessary to employ a professional, independent marketing consultant? The answer is pretty simple. An independent consultant can focus his energies and attention on promoting parks and recreation using the Take Time For Fun!® program. In our fast-paced society, we are in competition with other businesses and agencies for the corporate dollars that are vitally important to the success of our programs.

A marketing professional will get the word out to the public about the fantastic services we offer the citizens and communities of Illinois.

Markoff has taken this program and has pumped into it fresh air by taking a different approach to promoting the Take Time For Fun!® program and, with it, promoting parks and recreation. Every agency that is a member of the Take Time For Fun!® program will benefit in ways never before imaginable or possible.

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It's easy to become a member of this campaign. All agencies that join will pay a one-time fee. This minimal fee covers the initial costs for the start-up of the program. But for this nominal fee, agencies will benefit in many ways. Agencies that sponsor special events developed by Markoff will have the opportunity of receiving merchandise such as sporting goods equipment for use at their agencies. Agencies that sponsor Take Time For Fun!® events are also given a special incentive to sponsor programs by earning back the membership fee. Their agencies will also receive statewide, possibily nationwide, recognition in conjunction with major corporations that cosponsor selected events.

A few of the many events that have been sponsored by Take Time For Fun!® agencies include the True Value Fitness Fun Day, Walk Illinois, special awareness days events with the Chicago White Sox, Cubs and Bulls, and the official opening of the Illinois State Fair with the Governor of Illinois recognizing the importantce of parks and recreation throughout the state. These special feature programs are offered to member agencies at no cost.

It doesn't matter that your agency is large or small. MDM Group, Ltd., has completed a statewide survey of the demographics of each agency and can tailor a special event to fit the needs of the agency and the community it serves.

The Joint Public Awareness Committee has a full line of Take Time For Fun!® merchandise that is available to every Take Time For Fun!® agency. Each member agency can put its logo on the merchandise with the Take Time For Fun!® logo and themeline. This

Illinois Parks and Recreation 28 November/December 1990

will not only promote their agency, but it will also promote a statewide campaign that is getting the word out about parks and recreation.

The Take Time For Fun!® program is embarking on Phase II of its marketing campaign. Many more exciting advantages will be offered to agencies that are members of the Take Time For Fun!® program.

The Take Time For Fun!® program is different from programs that have been done before. It is a results-oriented program that will effectively create and sustain awareness with the general public. With your help, this IAPD-IPRA sponsored program will unite park, recreation, conservation and leisure agencies statewide, allowing them to speak in one unified voice, a voice urging the public to support us.

No matter what the size, location or budget of an agency, the program assures maximum benefits. You'll reach the public with a focused and memorable message that will generate and sustain awareness about your agency and its activities. More important, following the Take Time For Fun!® program guidelines, the public will remember the message and identify the Take Time For Fun!® message with your agency, no matter what the activity or event.

The Take Time For Fun!® program is an "umbrella" awareness program under which your agency's existing programs and activities will be given a broader, more identifable mantle. It is not meant to replace, but to augment your programs. And it can be a very powerful tool if implemented properly.

The obvious objective behind this program is to communicate that the affilated agencies of IAPD and IPRA offer something extremely important: FUN!

There are endless possibilities to the special events each member agency can offer through this statewide program. There are also endless benefits to agencies that belong to the Take Time For Fun!® program.

The facts and all of the information concerning membership and the exciting new direction the Take Time For Fun!® program is headed will be revealed at the IPR State Conference. Markoff will speak at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 12,1991, in the United-A room of the Hyatt O'Hare. A representative of each agency is urged to attend this brief presentation. It is guaranteed that you will be impressed and thrilled with the information you will learn during his presentation.

Illinois Parks and Recreation 29 November/December 1990

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