Designated Driver

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the Secretary of State's office once again is joining with Coca-Cola bottlers and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to encourage Illinoisans not to drink and drive. While participating in the Designated Driver/Coke Program and MADD's Project Red Ribbon, motorists can help save lives by:

Choosing a designated driver who can drink free Coca-Cola beverages at participating bars and restaurants and drive everyone home safely,
Displaying MADD red ribbons on their cars as a pledge not to drink and drive, and
Being a responsible host.

Approximately half of the 1,500 traffic deaths in Illinois last year were alcohol-related. Each of those deaths was preventable. We must convince motorists that it is the height of irresponsibility to drink and drive.

"DZGN8D DRIVR" Program

For the second year, the Secretary of State's office and Coca-Cola bottlers are conducting their special designated driver program. Coke provides free soft drinks for designated drivers 21 years of age and older at participating restaurants and taverns. This office provides a mock metal Illinois license plate imprinted with "DZGN8D DRIVR" to be posted in the bar or restaurant.

Those volunteering to be designated drivers receive identification cards entitling them to free Coca-Cola products, including selections from a non-alcoholic mixed drink menu prepared by the company.

This program is an excellent example of how government and private industry can work together to discourage adults from drinking and driving.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Chicago and Central States Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Springfield are paying for all costs associated with the program. The two companies' distribution network covers almost all of Illinois.

The designated driver as a concept has been well received by the public, and more and more people are enthusiastic about using one. With a designated driver in every group of holiday revelers, everyone can arrive home safely.

Project Red Ribbon

This is the seventh year for MADD's Project Red Ribbon, a national campaign of drunk driving awareness that runs from November through early January. During the campaign, motorists are asked to join with MADD to change the meaning of "Let's Tie One On."

Today, it's "Tie One On for Safety." By tying red ribbons to the car's antenna, door or sideview mirror, drivers make personal pledges not to drink and drive and remind others to have a safe holiday season.

For the second year, the Secretary of State's office is helping MADD-Illinois by distributing red ribbons at

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driver and vehicle facilities throughout the state. This office also has made available beautiful "MADD Red Ribbon License Plates" that contain the message, "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk." These special event plates are being distributed by MADD and displayed on 200 vehicles during the Red Ribbon Campaign.

During the 1991 holiday season, MADD-Illinois distributed approximately 2 million red ribbons through various public and private businesses and organizations, including the Secretary of State facilities. The goal for the 1992 holiday season is to distribute 2.2 million red ribbons. Together, we hope to make this the safest holiday season ever.

Party Tips

Be a responsible host by following these party tips:

Ask guests to deposit their car keys at the door. You can do this by conducting a raffle with the owner of the winning keys getting the door prize.
Make sure there are non-alcoholic beverages available.
If there is alcohol in the punch, tell your guests.
Serve high-protein food including cheese and nuts.
Stop serving alcohol an hour before the party is over.
Make sure everyone is sober enough to drive before they leave.
Be a designated driver yourself, call a cab or have friends spend the night.

Be the "true" life of the party ... be the designated driver. Assume this important responsibility and help make the use of a designated driver the "in" thing to do.


Association of Poland Cities delegation spent a day in Springfield. They spent much of their time visiting the Illinois Municipal League as well as a visit with Mayor Langfelder in his office. Their association is similar to the National League of Cities.

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