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Illinois History Teacher, Volume 3:1


Delores Archaimbault teaches American history and social studies methods and supervises social studies student teachers at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. She holds a master's degree in history and will complete a master's degree in English in 1995. She has recently begun work on a Ph.D. in social studies education at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Terry A. Barnhart is associate professor of history at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. His interest in the Copperheads stems from earlier research on Midwestern Peace Democrats conducted at the Ohio Historical Society. Dr. Barnhart received his Ph.D. in history and a bachelor's degree in education from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Roger B. Beck is professor of African and Third World history at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. He also teaches social studies methods and supervises social studies and history student teachers.

Wanda A. Hendricks, assistant professor of history at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, teaches African-American women's history and United States history. She is completing a manuscript entitled The Politics Of Race: African American Women In Illinois.

Bruce D. Janu teaches American history and an introductory course in social science at Wheeling High School in the northwest suburb of Chicago. He earned his bachelor's degree and master's degree in history at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, where he graduated in 1991. He has been teaching high school ever since, and cannot, he says, imagine doing anything else.

Paulette Pennington Jones teaches English at Olive Harvey Middle College Alternative High School in Chicago. She, along with Dr. Robert White and their students, are participants in the American Social History Project. Through interdisciplinary team teaching with a thematic approach, their collaborative-learning classroom fosters the integration of U.S. history and American literature.

Stan Mendenhall was recently appointed assistant director for education at the Everett Dirksen Congressional Leadership Research Center in Pekin, Illinois. Previously, he taught junior high school in Pekin for twenty years. He earned a bachelor's degree in history from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois, and a master's degree from Illinois State University in Normal.

Michael Nave has taught social studies and English for twenty-seven years at Arcola Junior/Senior High School in Arcola, Illinois. He holds a bachelor's degree in history from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, and a master's degree in the teaching of history from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. His coauthorship with Lynnita Sommer grew from her work at the Douglas County Museum, which includes Arcola in its service, and the relevance of the Corn Belt Liberty League to current political discussions.

Lynnita Sommer has bachelor's and master's degrees, both in history, from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois, and is cofounder and volunteer director of the Douglas County Museum in Tuscola, Illinois. She is keenly interested in local and oral history as well as the Great Depression.

Careda Rolland Taylor is director of social studies and fine arts at Niles West High School, District 219 in Skokie. She studied history at Grinnell College in Iowa and completed a master's degree in inner city studies education at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Arts integration and African-American studies continue to be the focus of her research and curriculum projects.

Wendy Hamand Venet, formerly of Eastern Illinois University, teaches at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. Her teaching specialties include Jacksonian America, Civil War and Reconstruction, and American women's history. She is writing a biography of Mary Livermore for the University of South Carolina Press.

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