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The honor roll

Membership is the soul of the Illinois State Historical Society. Our thanks and appreciation to the new and renewing members whose support and generosity advance the mission and goals of the Society.

Shirley Lathrop, Chicago
Richard Thomas, Springfield
Yorkville Public Library, Yorkville
Stephan Hoog, Arlington Heights
Robert Hanson, Madison, Wisconsin
Patricia Walton, Hanover Park
Alberta Adamson, Wheaton
Kent Haag, Chicago
Bradley Churchill, Rochester
New Lenox Public Library, New Lenox
Marian Donoho, Quincy
Patrick Hughes, Willmette
Robert H. Bunn, Springfield
John Evans, Waterman
Dorothy and William Ittner, Carbondale
Bob Sibert, Jacksonville
John H. and Violet Walbridge, Paducah, Kentucky

Illinois Heritage is published by The Illinois State Historical Society and printed by William Street Press, Decatur. The Society is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Illinois. Articles and reviews appearing in Illinois Heritage are abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and in America: History and Life.

Illinois Heritage (ISSN 1094-0596) is published by The Illinois State Historical Society, 210-1/2 South Sixth Street, Suite 200, Springfield, 1L 62701-1503. It is distributed without charge to members of The Illinois State Historical Society. Membership dues are: Student $20.00 Journal only (Full time-current I.D. required); General-Individual-AlMHS-Teacher-School-Libraries, $35; Family-$45; Sustaining-Supporting-Organizational Partner-$55.OO; Donor-Contributing-Business Partner-$100.00; Patron-$500.00; Lincoln Silver-$1,000.00 Single issues, when available, are $5.00 each postpaid. A limited number of back issues are available.

Postmaster: Send address changes to Illinois Heritage, The Illinois State Historical Society, 210-1/2 South Sixth Street, Suite 200, Springfield, IL 62701-1503.

Copyright ©2004 The Illinois State Historical Society.

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