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  • Yahoo!
    A hierarchically arranged subject guide and search service of Internet resources, news, maps, clasified advertising, stock quotes, sports scores, businesses, telephone numbers, personal World Wide Web pages, and e-mail addresses. Browse or search through category labels and link titles. If no results are retrieved, the search is automatically passed to Alta Vista.
  • Altavista
    One of the largest, fastest, and most powerful and sophisticated search engines. Allows searching of both the World Wide Web pages (31 million as of May 1997) and the full-text of over 14,000 Usenet newsgroups updated in real-time.
  • HotBot
    Indexes World Wide Web pages and Usenet newsgroups. Retrieval of all the words, any of the words, phrase, person, and URL. One of the best for a precise and relevant result.
  • Excite!
    Indexes World Wide Web pages, last two weeks of Usenet news, maps, yellow pages, shareware, stock quotes, TV listing, weather, e-mail addresses, and airline flights. Offers selection between keyworkd search and concept search on the initial screen. Automatic query term expansion with related terms.
  • Dogpile
    An interface for searching through multiple engines on a single search.
  • InfoSeek
    Both a search engine and a large subject directory to World Wide Web pages, Usenet news, InfoSeek Selected Sites (reviewed), e-mail addresses, company profiles, FAQs, and images.
    Illinois Periodicals Online (IPO) is a digital imaging project at the Northern Illinois University Libraries funded by the Illinois State Library
    Sam S. Manivong, Illinois Periodicals Online Coordinator