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Illinois Issues is published by Sangamon State University, the Public Affairs University of the State of Illinois, and cosponsored by the University of Illinois

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published by Sangamon State University. The magazine's board is appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. In addition to subscription income, the magazine is supported by grants from the Illinois Humanities Council and the Joyce Foundation; support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University; and donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of the grantors, either university or donors.

Publisher: J. Michael Lennon. Editor: Caroline Gherardini. Circulation and advertising manager: Elizabeth A. Curl. Editor emeritus: William L. Day. Associate editors: Margaret S. Knoepfle, Richard J. Shereikis, Larry Smith, Patricia Burtle-McCredie, F. Mark Siebert. Legislative correspondent: Diane Ross. Contributing editors: Tom Littlewood, Ed McManus, Anna J. Merritt, Leroy S. Wehrle, Joan A. Parker, Charles J. Abbott, Charles N. Wheeler III. Business staff: Bonnie S. Roberts. Student assistants: Kristal Brazaitis, Jan R. Martz.


Chairman: Samuel K. Gove, director, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Urbana. Vice Chairman: Michael H. Hudson, vice president, public affairs, Illinois Tool Works Inc., Chicago. Members: Louis Ancel, attorney, Chicago. Michael J. Bakalis, professor of education and management, Northwestern University, Evanston. Clark Burrus, senior vice president, First National Bank of Chicago. Norman Carlson, Arthur Andersen & Co., Chicago. David E. Connor, Commercial National Bank of Peoria. William L. Day, editor emeritus, Springfield. Robert P. Ewing, chairman of the board and president, Bankers Life & Casualty Co., Chicago. James L. Fletcher, attorney, Chicago. James M. Furman, executive vice president, MacArthur Foundation, Chicago. Doris B. Holleb, director, Metropolitan Institute, University of Chicago. Michael J. Howlett, partner, Howlett & Perkins Associates, Chicago. David Kenney, director, Illinois Department of Conservation, Springfield. Louis H. Masolti, professor of management and urban affairs, Northwestern University. Odas Nicholson, judge, Cook County Circuit Court. James D. Nowlan, director, Public Administration Program, University of Illinois, Urbana. Philip R. O'Connor, chairman, Illinois Commerce Commission, Chicago. James T. Otis, attorney, Chicago. Carolyn Oxtoby, owner, Maldaner's Restaurant, Springfield. Theodore Peterson, professor of journalism, University of Illinois, Urbana. Betsy Plank, assistant vice president, Illinois Bell Telephone Co., Chicago. Carl Shier, international representative, Region 4, United Auto Workers, retired. Honorable William G. Stratton, vice president, Canteen Corporation, Chicago. Samuel W. Witwer, attorney, Chicago. James C. Worthy, professor of management, Northwestern University. J. Michael Lennon, ex officio member.

Illinois Issues (ISSN 0738-9663) is published monthly 11 times per year with an August-September double issue. Second-class postage paid at Springfield, Illinois. Editorial and advertising offices: K Building, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62794-9243 (telephone: 217/786-6084). Please address questions regarding your subscription to Illinois Issues, Subscription Division, P.O. Box 251, Mount Morris, Illinois 61054 (telephone: 815/734-6309). Subscriptions: $30.00 year/ $55 two years/ $80 three years; student rate is $15 a year. Individual copy is $2.75 (August/September double issue is $4.95). Back issue is $3.25 (August/September double issue is $5.50). Illinois Issues is indexed in the PAIS Bulletin and included in the PAIS database.

Postmaster: Send address changes to Illinois Issues, Subscription Division, P.O. Box 251, Mount Morris, Illinois 61054.

Contents April 1984

Illinois Issues
Vol. X
Established 1975

6     A tribute to Milton Rakove
By Stephen Daniels, Ada Melton and Rebecca Wilkin

11     Marvin on higher education: Multiple systems multiply problems
By Daniel E. Thornburgh

19     Probation reform: kudos and caveats    By Diane Ross

27     SERVICE in capitals: Art Quern's public life    By Mike Lawrence


2     Politics
      Thompson echoes Reagan euphoria     By Charles N. Wheeler III

4     The state of the State
      The challenge of a changing economy     By Diane Ross

29     Book Review
      The meaning of accuracy     By Richard J. Shereikis

30     Legislative Action
      Dilemma of hazardous waste: land disposal     By John W. Ahlen

35     Science
      Commission reform: Reality or rhetoric?     By Cynthia Peters

43     The Media
      A sorry St. Louis story     By Tom Littlewood

46     Chicago
      The legacy of Greylord     By Ed McManus

47     Chicago
      Durbin and Hyde on 'fairness' issue     By Charles J. Abbott


31     Selected State Reports

36     Executive Report
      Disability insurance: State and feds clash on eligibility criteria/ Illinois v. Panhandle: 'Up against the big boys'/ State opposes radioactive waste site in West Chicago

38     State Stix

39     Judicial Rulings
      New appellate court panel to hear worker's comp cases/ Divorce fees cannot be used to finance domestic violence shelters/ Mandatory breath test for drunk driving is constitutional/ Unemployment benefits hinge on location of a 'labor dispute'/ Quotas for traffic tickets are okay

41     Names

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