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State Reports

Items listed under State Reports have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries in the state through inter-library loan. Issuing agencies may have copies available. For items listed under Other Reports, write to the publisher as noted.

State Reports

Available Disposal Capacity for Solid Waste in Illinois, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Land Pollution Control, 2200 Churchill Rd., P.O. Box 19276, Springfield 62794-9276 (December 1989), 60PP.

The number of active solid waste landfills in Illinois decreased from 147 in 1987 to 126 in 1989. At current disposal volumes and capacities, the state has between six and eight years of remaining landfill capacity. The number of counties without a landfill increased from 24 in 1988 to 29 in 1989. While most of our trash is buried in landfills, 6 percent of municipal solid waste is recycled and 2 percent is incinerated.

Illinois Homeowner's Guide to Reduction of Indoor Radon, Department of Energy and Natural Resources, Office of Research and Planning, 325 W. Adams, Rm. 300, Springfield 62704 (July 1989). 268 pp.

This manual explains the factors that contribute to an indoor radon problem and presents flow charts of appropriate reduction methods so that homeowners may begin to understand how these various techniques apply to their homes. Cost estimate information for both remediation measures and prevention in new construction is included, as are lists of contractors in the Illinois area and suppliers for reduction materials.

Other Reports

Municipal Budgeting in Chicago: Who Cares What the People Think?, Center for Economic Policy Analysis, 59 E. Van Buren, Suite 1716, Chicago 60605 (December 1989), 69 pp.; $7.00. (A summary report, Influencing Chicago's Budget: Getting Citizens Into the Act, is available free of charge.)

This report describes ways in which the public is invited into the budget-making process in other cities and how some of these can apply to Chicago. It is concerned with process, not specific budget priorities; in other words, it is aimed at helping to find ways for those who have something to say about the budget to make their influence felt. In addition to the case studies of other cities, the report discusses Chicago's operating budget and describes who makes the decisions. The final section discusses some obstacles to reform as well as forces that promote reform, and offers recommendations for future action.

Anna J. Merritt

April 1990/Illinois Issues/33

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