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April 1990


Vol. XVI No.4
Established 1975

Environmental issues come of age in the 1990s
Bill Kemp


Recycling and other efforts to save landfill space
Pat Harrison


Low - level radioactive waste: State search for disposal sites
Angie Watson


When outrage meets arrogance: controversial art and public funding
Larry Shiner


Gov. Stratton's passage through political patronage
Excerpt from book by David Kenney


Cover illustration: Earth Day on April 22 is a celebration organized by environmentalists to remind the world's people of what we take for granted. This spectacular sunrise over Pekin on a March morning is symbolic of that celebration. Bill Kemp writes about the issues on the environmental agenda and what role the states are playing, specifically Illinois, beginning on page 13. The photograph is by Paul Beaty.


Whither the tax revolt?
Charles N. Wheeler III _______ 8

The state of the State
Thompson's precariously balanced final budget
Michael D. Klemens _________ 10

The Rostrum
The growing clout of voters with disabilities
Phil Bradley _____________ 34

The Pulse
Treacherous business of primary polling
Michael McKeon __________ 36

Osterman has come a long way
Paul M. Green ___________ 38


State Stix
State of the arts
Thomas E. Morris __________ 6

Letters __________________7

Election 1990
Quinn prevails; incumbents upset
Angie Watson _____________ 9

Legislative Action
Thompson's 'environmental challenge'
Michael D. Klemens _________ 28

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert ___________ 29

Names ___________________ 30

Book Reviews
Unlocking Stevenson's personal life
Tom Littlewood ____________ 31

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt __________ 33

April 1990/Illinois Issues/5

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