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State Reports

Items listed under State Documents have been received by the Documents Unit, Illinois State Library, Springfield, and are usually available from public libraries through interlibrary loan. Issuing agencies have copies available. For items listed under Other Reports, write to the publisher.

State Document

" Welcome to Historic Illinois, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, Old State Capitol, Springfield 62701 (March 1991).

The 28 sites included in this extremely attractive brochure are divided into three sections (northern, central and southern), and the descriptions of the sites listed in each section are accompanied by color photographs, directions for getting there and visiting hours.

Other Reports

Advancing Rural Development Through Rulemaking, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University, Macomb 61455 (May 1991), 62pp.

This report examines the rulemaking process (which follows the passage of a law in the General Assembly) as it affects rural governments and businesses in Illinois. It also contains an overview of coverage in the print media in the agricultural, manufacturing, and service areas in the spring and summer of 1990.

New Businesses in Downstate Illinois, by John S. Gruidi, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs, Western Illinois University, Macomb, 61455 (June 1991), 60pp.

Most experts agree that new businesses now account for most of the new jobs being created in our economy. Less well understood is what it takes to establish a new business; how this occurs in rural areas is even more of a mystery. This report is based on a survey of 731 entrepreneurs who started a business in 1986, 1987 or 1988 in downstate Illinois. It describes the characteristics of these entrepreneurs, the financing of their new firms, their start-up problems and the companies' employment growth. The survey instrument is included as an appendix.

Intergovernmental Cooperation in Illinois, CIES, University of Illinois, 302 E. John Street, Suite 202, Champaign 61820 (1991), 75pp.; $14.95

Following an overview of the background, advantages and disadvantages, and general scope of intergovernmental contracts, this volume offers insights into specific issues relating to such agreements: case law; their relationship to home rule; the attorney general's perspective; and political aspects of intergovernmental cooperation. The appendix contains two sample agreements.

Regional Revenue and Spending Project Reports, The Regional Partnership, Metropolitan Planning Council, 220 S. State Street, Suite 1800, Chicago 60604 (Spring 1991)

The six reports produced as a part of the Regional Partnership program provide insights into some of the difficult problems confronting the Chicago area. The title indicates the contents of each report: "Seeking a New Balance: Paying For Government in Metropolitan Chicago / An Analysis of Revenue and Spending Patterns By Chicago-Area Units of Government" (April 1991, 30pp.); "The Changing Relationships Among the Levels of Government in the Provision of Services," by Richard F. Dye and J. Fred Giertz (March 1991, 62pp.); "A Comparison of Fiscal Trends in Chicago Area Local government 1984-1988," by Toni Hartrich et al. (March 1991, 47pp.); "Fiscal Federalism in Metropolitan Chicago: Federal & State Aid to Local Governments in the 1980s," by Lawrence B. Joseph (March 1991, 134pp.); "A Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Capacity, Tax Effort & Public Spending Among Localities in the Chicago Metropolitan Region," by Robert W. Rafuse, Jr. and Laurence R. Marks (March 1991, 167pp.); and "Regional Issues in the Chicago Metropolitan Area," by Joyce O'Keefe and Deborah Stone (January 1991,42pp.).

Memoirs, Illinois General Assembly Oral History Program, Legislative Studies Center, Sangamon State University, Springfield 62794

After a hiatus of over three years, the oral histories put out by the SSU Legislative Studies Center are appearing once again. This is good news, not only because the program is an important one but also because the interviews themselves and their presentation are so well done. Almost three dozen have been produced since the project began in 1980; several have been mentioned in this column. Each memoir covers the high and low points of the subject's legislative career, as well as some personal history. Another valuable aspect of these publications is the index, which makes the information in each volume more easily accessible. Three memoirs have appeared in recent months: Roland F. Tipsword (two volumes, November 1990);

James Holloway (two volumes, July 1991); and Susan Catania (190pp., July 1991).

NOTE: Readers interested in obtaining federal census information may now do so through the documents coordinator of the Illinois State Library (300 S. Second, Springfield 62701), the library's branch in the State of Illinois Center in Chicago, the regional library systems, or the documents depository libraries. Population and housing data for Illinois have been transferred from the computerized 1990 census tapes to microfiche.

Anna J. Merritt

30/October 1991 /Illinois Issues

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