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October 1991

Illinois Issues

Vol. XVII No. 10
Established 1975

The 1992 primary: proportional prepresentation for Illinois Democrats

John S. Jackson and Barbara Leavitt Brown



Changing radium standards for drinking water

Cindy Morgan



Overhaul at DCFS: Lawsuit prompts change

Jennifer Smith



New opportunities for state workers

Wen Huang


Columns Departments
Redistricting: winner-take-all when partisan compromise fails
Charles N. Wheeler III_________ 6

Letters__________________ 4

Legislative Action
Recession hits general funds
Michael D. Klemens______ 20

The state of the State
Hard truths and truisms: crime and education
Michael D. Klemens____ 8

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert__________ 21

Names _________________ 22

Book Reviews
African-American migration
Fred L. Hord_____________ 24

The Pulse
Democracy and the Teamsters: no cartoon characters here
Richard Day ___________ 26
State Reports
Anna J. Merritt___________ 30

State Stix________________ 31

Cook County freeze: a rhetorical flourish in place of reality
Paul M. Green___________ 28
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Eight-page center section

Cover illustration: The cartoon is by Mike Thompson and illustrates the moment of truth when Secy. of State George Ryan drew the name of State Republican Chairman Al Jourdan for the tiebreaking seat on the Legislative Redistricting Commission. Charlie Wheeler discusses redistricting in his Politics column on page 6.

October 1991/Illinois Issues/5

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