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Upward mobility

Editor: Please accept our compliments on your recent article on the Upward Mobility Program for state employees (see "New Opportunities for state workers," October, pages 18-19).

We believe that this program represents a groundbreaking effort to address the critical issues of workforce development and employee motivation. In fact, the Commission on the Future of the Public Service has cited it as a model for other public bodies.

The Upward Mobility Program also represents the collective bargaining process at its best. The program was conceived as a joint venture between the state and AFSCME three years ago and continues to function as a cooperative effort. It is directed by an advisory committee of six, three from the state, and three from the union.

The Illinois Upward Mobility Program has already gained national recognition. Although it is still in the early stages, we are pleased with the progress made and the successes of those enrolled. We feel that both the state and AFSCME can be proud of the results.

Again, thank you for the time and space devoted to this important program.

Steve Culen
Executive Director
AFSCME Council 31
and Stephen B. Schnorf
Central Management Services
State of Illinois

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December 1991/Illinois Issues/9

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