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December 1991

Illinois Issues

Vol. XVII No. 12
Established 1975


Financing legislative elections in Illinois: the role of legislative leaders
Kent D. Redfield



How to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention
Craig S. Burkhardt



How to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention
Michael J. Kasper



How first Hispanic congressional district remaps Chicago politics
David K. Fremon



Cronson speaks from the bowels of government
Michael D. Klemens


Columns Departments

Congressional district map: It's the Republicans' turn
Charles N. Wheeler III _________________ 6

Letters __________________ 9

Legislative Action
Politics without funds no fun
Michael D. Klemens __ 29

The state of the State
Property tax rates: What's up, down and revolutionary?
Michael D. Klemens ___________ 8

Judicial Rulings
Mark Siebert ________ 30

Names _______________31

The Pulse
Chicago recycling: bin v bag
Richard Day and Myra Tanamor ___________ 36

Book Reviews
Potpourri for holidays Chicago
Judith L. Everson _____32

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt __________ 34

Sorry state of Democratci politics
Paul M. Green ______ 38

State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle ___________ 35

Cover illustration: The cartoon is by Mike Thompson and illustrates the findings of the research by Kent D. Redfield, namely that the Illinois House and Senate leaders have a heavy role in financing legislative campaigns. He researched the 1990 campaign election records of the four Illinois legislative leader political committees and the four legislative chamber political committees. His article begins on page 10.

December 1991/Illinois Issues/5

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