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Illinois Issues
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January 2001   Volume XXVII, No. 1
Calling it
Partisan rumble
Winter book sampler
Calling it, page 23 Partisan rumble, page 12 Winter book sampler, page 20


12 Partisan rumble
When the 92nd General Assembly is sworn in this month, the task of drawing new legislative boundaries will be at the top of lawmakers' agendas.
by Dave McKinney
  Winter book sampler
20 Q&A with nature photographer Chris Young by Jiffy Johnson
23 A media historian sees a threat to democracy. by James L. Merriner
26 How dollars dominate Illinois politics by Kent Redfield
29 The First City
Though Chicago sometimes makes political history by producing the first of this and the first of that, it's much harder to produce the second of this and the second of that.
by Robert Davis

Credits: Artist William Crook Jr. of Springfield drew the Illinois Capitol rotunda that appears on this month's cover and in the cover article about the new General Assembly. He also sketched the illustrations of the House and Senate chambers used in that piece. Artist Wm. S. Collins, also a capital city resident, drew the Capitol building. Photographer Chris Young of The State Journal-Register of Springfield took the nature shots that appear in the Q&A beginning on page 20.

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3 Conversation with the Publisher
   by Ed Wojcicki
4 Editor's Notebook
   by Peggy Boyer Long
6 State of the State
   by Chris Wills
A tale of two governors
8 Briefly
   by Rodd Whelpley
32 People
   by Rodd Whelpley
35 Letters
36 A View from the Suburbs
   by Madeleine Doubek
A Democratic surge
38 Politics
   by Charles N. Wheeler III
An "ought to do" list

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