Illinois Issues
VOL. I NO. 7/JULY 1975
Table of contents

195/Changing the weather: Implications for Illinois
/Stanley A. Changnon, Jr.
198/A look at the state's Prison Furlough Program
/Eugene Eidenberg
200/From gadfly to wheelhorse: A profile of Harry Tiebout
/J. H. Schacht
202/Circuit breaker legislation provides increased cash grants— up to $600—for senior citizens
203/Consolidation of (county) Educational Service Regions
/0. T. Banton
204/Home rule in Illinois: No. 3. General Assembly action
/Stephanie Cole
208/Abolish townships? 'No'
/Lee Ahlswede
209/Abolish townships? 'Yes'
/TheLeague of Women Voters
210/How Illinois, an inland state, promotes global export business
/Diane L. Gottheil
214/Students in politics
/Craig Sanders

222/Chicago: Daley's classroom: The Chicago City Council
/Charles B. Cleveland
223/Washington: The Capitol Hill media: New 'bosses' of national politics
/Tom Littlewood

216/Retention of associate judges/Agency initiates appeals systems/Waste oil collection program/Hearings on conserving natural gas/Changing the license plate system/State employees/ 'Regititle' program in operation/How does his garden grow?

207/Grand jury reports 'stupidity' in State Fair
217/Legislative Action: Second effort in General Assembly provides tax relief for elderly
219/Executive Report
220/Judicial Rulings

213/Selected state reports
221/Letters from Readers

COVER/The Illinois House of Representatives. is pictured as viewed from behind the podium. Springfield artist William H. Crook, Jr., sketched the scene on the floor the afternoon of Friday, April 16.

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194 / Illinois Issues/July 1975

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