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January 1990


Vol. XVI No.1
Established 1975

Springfield's Capitol Complex: making it look more like a Capitol Complex
Doug Finke


Chicago's Spanish-American politics in the '80s
David K. Fremon


Satellite TV connects rural classrooms nationwide
Debi Sue Edmund


Tough acid rain provisions of new Clean Air Act
Bill Kemp


Preserving history, pre-history when public, private interests collide
Peggy Boyer and Ray Long


Cover illustration: The aerial photograph shows Springfield and the Capitol Complex surrounding the architecturally striking domed Captitol. Taken last April, the photograph is looking northwest. Directly east (to the right) of the Capitol is the new State Library Building, still under construction.

The photograph is courtesy the State Journal-Register, Springfield.


Education's inequities
Charles N. Wheeler IiI _______ 8

The state of the State
State school spending:
Unmet legal needs of the poor: 'A Plan for Action'?
F. Mark Siebert ___________ 10

The Rostrum
The case against fluoridation
Myrtle K. Sapora ____________ 32

The Pulse
Loss of control, loss of faith in government
Michael McKeon ___________ 34

Chicago school reform defies conventional wisdom
John Camper _____________ 36


State Stix
Higher education: Americans earn degrees
Thomas E. Morris __________ 6

Letters ________________ 11

Legislative Action
Sales tax system: more consistent
Michael D. Klemens _________ 26

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert ___________ 27

Names ___________________ 28

Book Reviews
Illinois labor: History raises question for new generation
John H. Keiser ___________ 31

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt ___________ 38

January 1990/Illinois Issues/5

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