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February 1990


Vol. XVI No.2
Established 1975

Illinois as a bellwether: So what?
David H. Everson


Property tax: hot potato between local and state politicians
Michael D. Klemens


GOP leadership in the '90s: a primary challenge
Pete Ellertsen


Cook County's new judicial districts: Less or different politics?
Nina Burleigh


Cover illustration: Illinois is a microcosm of the nation and demonstrates in presidential elections that it is also a bellwether of national elections. For details, read David H. Everson's article beginning on page 9.


Memorable farewell by the Iron Horse of Illinois politics
Charles N. Wheeler III _______ 4

The state of the State
Nostalgic and politically strategic: Thompson sums up his years as governor
Michael D. Klemens _________ 6

The Rostrum
Property taxes: Citizens must have a say
William H. Shafer __________ 27

The Pulse
Is Illinois pro-life or pro-choice?
Nick Panagakis ___________ 28

Racial litmus text creates Democratic primary melee
Paul M. Green ___________ 30


Letters ________________ 5

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt ___________ 5

State Stix
Let's walk
Thomas E. Morris __________ 8

Legislative Action
Revenue plummets: Blip or trend?
Michael D. Klemens _________ 20

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert ___________ 22

Election Names
Primary elections: GOP contest for governor. Democrat fights for two lesser offices
Angle Watson ___________ 23

Book Reviews
Grey lord revisited: ousting crooked judges
Ann Lousin _____________ 25

Names ___________________ 26

January 1990/Illinois Issues/5

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