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Contents January 1992
Vol. XVIII No. 1
Established 1975
Wetlands Wetlands preservation issue caught up in policy quagmire
Wen Huang


Elephant with Wings Republican conservative agenda and Gov. Edgar
Peggy Boyer Long and Ray Long


Ambulance The health care system in Illinois: an emerging crisis needing urgent care
Robert F. Rich and Richard J. Arnould


Essay Words: demeaning of meaning
Neil Postman


Columns Departments
Finding the avenue to equity for school funding
Charles N. Wheeler III
4 Legislative Action
State funding for schools
Michael D. Klemens
The state of the State
Redistricting 1991: soap opera of Illinois politics
Michael D. Klemens
6 Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert
The Rostrum
No one paying attention to Illinois' 6,626 local governments
The Illinois Commission on the Future of Public Service
31 Names 28
The Pulse
Enough on candidate preference: How about baseball teams?
Ellen M. Dran and Matthew E. Wetstein
32 Book Reviews
Inner and outer voyages
Eugene B. Redmond
The Harold Washington Library Center
Manuel Galvan
34 State Reports
Anna J. Merritt



State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle

Cover illustration: Pictured is a farm field in Kane County with a wet spot. Is it a wetland? In the background is a new home nestled among farm buildings and trees. The photograph is by Marvin E. Hubbell, wetlands program administrator in the division of planning, Illinois Department of Conservation. Wen Huang's article on the issue of wetlands begins on page 10.

January l992/Illinois Issues/3

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Dear Reader,

Because of you and other like minded citizens, Illinois Issues' circulation averaged over 6,800 last year. As a founding staff member who has worried about circulation figures as if they were the temperature of a sick child, I am pleased that the magazine has become a staple for involved, caring citizens of Illinois. As a departing staff member, I am grateful to you for buying and reading the magazine, grateful to my hardworking colleagues who write and edit and handle its business affairs, and grateful to the generous board and the two state universities who guide and support it. Thanks also to our other patrons, those who advertise in the magazine and those who send annual contributions. You are vital to our continuance.

Illinois Issues, like public radio and television, is a public partnership. In a partisan state with continuing fiscal woes and myriad complex issues, the magazine's success is testimony to the desire of citizens for reliable information; balanced, clear analysis and informed, unbiased commentary. One of the things that has pleased me most during my 14 years as publisher is that the magazine has been criticized for being too conservative and too liberal, a tool of labor and the pawn of business.

Please continue to read this magazine, no longer a fledgling, but a teenager just beginning its 18th year.



J. Michael Lennon Publisher

2/January 1992/Illinois Issues

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