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Contents October 1992
Illinois Issues
Vol. XVIII No. 10
Established 1975

ii9210tc1.jpg Rich Williamson, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate
Donald Sevener


ii9210tc2.jpg Carol Moseley Braun, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate
Donald Sevener


ii9210tc3.jpg On the importance of education: proposed amendment up to voters
Christopher Wills


ii9210tc4.jpg Lawsuit on education funding: intricacies of constitutional arguments
Mark Mathewson


ii9210tc5.jpg Republican and Democratic conventions: the Illinois factors for Clinton and Bush
Paul M. Green


Columns Departments
Education amendment's presidential coattails
Charles N. Wheeler III
6 Legislative Action
Republicans push for majority in Senate, House
Bill Steinbacher-Kemp
The state of the State
Electing justices to Illinois Supreme Court
Beverley Scobell
8 Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert
Waltzing around the coffin
of Chicago politics
other pasttimes of summer
Paul M.Green
38 Book Reviews
Lincoln books from finest and newest
Gabor S. Boritt
    Names 34
    State stix
F. Mark Siebert

Cover illustration: Cartoonist Mike Thompson illustrates the issue of funding education in Illinois' public schools. Proponents of the proposed amendment to the Illinois Constitution's education article and plaintiffs in the school funding lawsuit filed two years ago point to the wide gap in per pupil spending among school districts. Christopher Wills' article on the proposed amendment begins on page 16. Mark Mathewson's article on the lawsuit begins on page 19.

October 1992/ Illinois Issues/5

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