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TheNew NRPA Guidelines for Open Space 17
NRPA revisits the old standard of 1 acre per 1,000 by Richard L. Williams and Peter T. Dyke

Firing with Class 21
Terminating a CEO may be inevitable, but it does not have to be an ugly, front-page battle
--- by Met Pope, CLP

Grants Outlook 1997 30a
Special supplement on state and federal grants
--- by Ron Hallberg. CLP

Special Focus
Our Multicultural Society 25
Waukegan Park District markets to its diverse population by Karin B. Qasawa

Voices from African Americans in the Field 27
Views and insights from a board member, professional and academic - John W. Rogers, Jr. - Deborah Totten, CLP  - Don Hibbler, CLP

Celebrating Diversity through Recreation Programming 35
Simple steps toward embracing diversity
by Terry Whiff Bailey, Lisa Pesavento Raymond and Barbara Elwood Schlatter

Latino Outreach 39
Notional study shows how fish and wildlife agencies can market their programs to the growing Latino population
by Trade Burroughs and Mark Reeff


Playgrounds have universal appeal for children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. These four-year-olds from the Golf Maine Park District preschool program were photographed in Dee Park by preschool coordinator Marge Goldstein. In addition to English, 58 different languages are spoken in the community's East Maine School District, me children on the cover are Assyrian, Chilean, Filipino, Greek, Korean, Polish and Russian.

From the Editor 4
A multicultural mindset 

Across the Board 6
The board's code of ethics, plus welcome new board members! 

Partnerships 9
Creative collaboration unites cities and suburbs 

Statehouse Insider 12
Amusement tax is no laughing matter, plus Bill Watch '97 

Trend Watch 42
Femalethink and mancipation are new trends 

Mixed Media 44
Communicating diversity through publications 

Our Natural Resources 46
Save nature via your tax statement, plus DNR Newsbriefs 

People and Places 52
1997 IAPD/IPRA Annual Conference Highlights 

March/April 1997 / 3

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