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After basking in the light of having successfully produced the first issue of Illinois Heritage, storm clouds rolled in to darken my office. As I prepared to deliver the content for this issue to the graphic artist, our former publisher announced in mid-December that the firm would cease operations effective the end of the month. It was a holiday surprise that I would rather not have received.

Following a search and discussions with our Board, I am pleased to report that the Society has negotiated an identical agreement with Profitable Concepts, Inc., of Little Rock, Arkansas. The firm comes highly recommended with a strong track record of producing successful publications for a variety of clients. There will be continuity from the former publisher's staff in that Scarlett Reichel, who was the real spark behind the technical details of production and ad sales for our first issue, has joined the PCI team. We are hopeful that the graphic artists will maintain a consistent design so that to you, the reader, there will be as imperceptible a change as possible.

Excitement over the first issue has led to a modest increase in membership, and I am pleased to report that we have almost completely distributed the press run of 5,000 copies. Future members will be able to acquire back issues for a limited time in order to complete their sets. However, our first issue will likely become scarce.

Authors have submitted a sufficient variety of articles over the transom to fill several issues. Please continue to share your research with our members and the public through Illinois Heritage. As in issue number one, I continue to seek both geographic and thematic diversity to demonstrate our rich and fascinating heritage.

Your comments and criticisms are very important to us. Please continue to send me your thoughts. I hope that you enjoy our second issue as much as the first.

Illinois Heritage

A Publication of The Illinois State
Historical Society

Winter 1998     Volume 1 Number 2


6 William Henry Harrison Steals
Western Illinois from the Sauk
and Fox

by Herbert S. Channick

12 Newton and Jasper, A Search
for their Stories

by Charles A. Chapin

20 The Final Ministry of Amanda
Berry Smith: An Orphanage in
Harvey, Illinois, 1895-1918

by David C. Bartlett
and Larry A. McClellan

27 "Our Wish for a Hard Battle," A
Chicago Infantryman's Account
of the Battle of Shiloh

by Theodore J. Karamanski

17 A Review of The Silence
of Eternity

by Roald Tweet

Correction Notice: Regarding The Other Half
Further Reading: Hutchins of Chicago

Illinois Heritage is published for The Illinois State Historical Society by Profitable Concepts, Incorporated The Illinois State Historical Society is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Illinois.

Cover: Chief Black Hawk by an unknown artist. Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society.

Copyright 1998 Illinois State Historical Society. All rights reserved. For private use only.

Illinois Heritage Mission Statement
Illinois Heritage is an illustrated magazine published quarterly by the Illinois State Historical Society and distributed to the Society's 2,400 members. Conceived as a vehicle to bring to the public good narrative and analytical history about Illinois in its local and broader contexts of region and nation, the magazine explores the lives and work of architects, artists, entrepreneurs, homemakers, laborers, naturalists, performers, politicians, reformers, soldiers, and writers. It traces the impact of Illinois on the nation and the world through well-known figures such as Jane Addams, Jack Benny, Black Hawk, Gwendolyn Brooks, William Jennings Bryan, Al Capone, Richard J. Daley, John Deere, Everett Dirksen, Stephen Douglas, Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Ingersoll, John A. Logan, Elijah Lovejoy, Cyrus McCormick, Fibber McGee & Molly, George Pullman, Carl Sandburg, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Illinois Heritage examines the influence on the state of non-Illinoisans such as George Rogers Clark, Eugene V. Debs, Enrico Fermi, Mary Garden, Louis Jolliet, Charles Lindbergh, A. Philip Randolph, Joseph Smith, and Harold Washington. Just as important, it features ordinary Illinois men and women, bringing light to obscure lives and work. In this vein, the editorial staff seeks nonfiction articles that are solidly researched, attractively written, and amenable to illustration. Scholars, journalists, and freelance writers are encouraged to contribute to the magazine.


David C. Bartlett teaches history and serves as liaison for local historical societies at South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in history from Illinois State University, Normal. He is currently completing a doctorate at ISU in State and local history—focusing on the heritage of the Chicago's southern suburbs.

Herbert S. Channick received his J.D. from Yale Law School in 1954. He lives in Rockford, Illinois, and is an arbitrator and mediator for the American Arbitration Association, the New York Stock Exchange, and other alternate dispute resolution forums. He has been a guest lecturer on government regulation of urban planning and development at Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins University, and he has published a number of articles on that and related subjects. A lifelong student of U.S. history, he is a member of ISHS, the Abraham Lincoln Association, and the McHenry County (Illinois) Civil War Round Table.

Charles A. Chapin is a practicing attorney and native of Springfield, Illinois. A graduate of Carleton College and the University of Michigan Law School, he served in the Pacific Theater in World War II with the Marine Corps. His fascination with quirks of history led him to write the Newton/Jasper essay in this issue—a first venture in this field. He has published previously in Field Artillery and in the Illinois Bar Journal.

Theodore J. Karamanski is Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago. He is the author of several books on Midwestern history including Rally Round the Flag: Chicago and the Civil War. He is past President of the National Council on Public History and a member of the Advisory Board of the Illinois State Historical Society.

Larry A. McClellan is the director of the South Metropolitan Regional Leadership Center at Governors State University in University Park, Illinois. His B.A. degree is from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He received a Master of Theology degree from the University of Chicago. The Reverend Mr. McClellan is an ordained pastor.

Correction Notice

A single word was omitted from the final sentence of "The Other Half, Women and the Illinois Indian Tribe" by Raymond E. Hauser in the Fall 1997 issue. The final sentence on page 10 should have read: "Despite the derisive comments of men, however, Illinois women understood—even if the French did not—that they were not slaves of the men." We regret the error and offer sincere aplogies to the author for proposing a meaning opposite that which he had intended.

4    I L L I N O I S    H E R I T A G E

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